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Where is Taylor Hicks Now?

Taylor Hicks

While watching the shows of season 6 of American Idol, every once in awhile, my mind would begin to wonder and I asked myself: What has last year’s winner, Taylor Hicks, been up to? After his win on American Idol, his album was released and he performed a few Ford commercials, and then soon after, all was quiet from Mr. Hicks.
While American Idol’s first winner Kelly Clarkson seemed to take off with her win and popular music, as well as a whirlwind of awards from Carrie Underwood, it seemed as if Taylor Hicks just walked off stage and into the night whistling to his mo-town tunes. During season five, the ladies loved his dancing and swinging hips, as those were reminded of Elvis Presley from the 50’s. And then there was Hick’s signature gray hair that he refused to color.

Just as my thoughts began wondering again during the finale of season 6, out of the darkness walked in Taylor Hicks. Singing one of his new songs: “Heaven Knows,” Taylor was as soulful as ever. But this time, he just didn’t seem to get the excitement that the audience once had for him. There were plenty of other past Idol contestants who brought down the house, but there was just a sad tune from Taylor. The song was beautiful, but he seemed to be lacking something. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it-perhaps it was the energy he once had. Or possibly Taylor had nervous energy about performing on the American Idol stage once again.

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As my curiosity was at its top peak, I decide to google our former American Idol. It looks like Taylor has been busy, but perhaps he was trying to stay out of the public eye. Mr. Hicks seems to be the quiet bluesy kind of fellow, and perhaps he may just like it that way. He has a little blog that gives some dates of where he has been and what will be coming up next for his performances. Besides still promoting his album, “The Run Around, by Taylor Hicks,” it looks like Taylor has been busy putting together a tour for himself. In the month of June, he begins his tour in South Carolina, and at the beginning of August, he can be seen in Texas at Verizon Wireless Theatre. He also will be touring in parts of Florida, New Orleans, and Alabama. For those who would like a sneak peak to his back stage performances, he has clips that can be found on YouTube.com as well. Back in March, Taylor also partnered with the Red Cross to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He used his musical abilities for the common good, which is admirable for this soulful guy.

If Taylor seems to be making some noise in the Southern areas of the United States, perhaps he just needs to sing a bit louder for those who have been wondering about where he has been in the central part of the country. While he may not be topping the charts, or winning the awards like the beautiful country sensation Carrie Underwood, perhaps Taylor just needs a little more time. After all it has only been a year since he was crowned with the American Idol crown, and he could be just getting started. Mr. Hicks will just sing to his own tune and dance his sexy moves to impress the crazy ladies. Taylor might have scared us coming out of the woodwork at the finale of season 6, but there could be a chance he still has his time yet to make that splash in the music business.

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