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Visiting Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania with Toddlers

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Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania is a toddler’s dream. Targeted to ages 2-7, the theme park is full of brightly colored rides, kid-friendly water fun, and interactive play areas. Sesame Place is also home to your toddler’s favorite Sesame Street characters from the beloved PBS television show. Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, and many other fuzzy friends are ready to give hugs to their pint-size visitors.

Sesame Place, however, can also be an overwhelming experience for toddlers. Factor in a $44.50 admission (2007 pricing) and parents might tend to feel a little cranky too. With some advance planning, however, you and your toddler can have a memorable visit. Here are ten tips to make your Sesame Place trip more rewarding.

Pick a Great Date

Sesame Place can get extremely crowded very quickly. Located within two hours driving of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City, it is a tourist magnet. Beat the Sesame Place crowds by visiting before June 15th or in September. Don’t worry; the wet play areas will all be open. Visiting in summer? Avoid weekends if at all possible. Weekends are your only choice? Try to visit Sesame Place on a Sunday. Crowds are also lighter on cloudy days or when there is a threat of rain. In addition, Sesame Place sponsors a wide variety of events that affect crowd levels. Check out www.sesameplace.com or call 215-752-7070 for more information on special events.

Consider a Season Pass

Unfortunately, Sesame Place charges the same admission for a two-year-old as an adult. Instead of paying $44.50 for a single-day admission (2007 rates), think about purchasing a Sesame Passport season pass for only about $30 more. Planning plenty of visits? A Big Bird passport at approximately $100 a person is a wonderful deal. In addition to unlimited Sesame Place admission, Big Bird passport holders also receive free parking ($14 savings per visit), preferred seating at shows, and exclusive time with Sesame Street characters. A season pass can be a parent’s best friend! If your toddler is having a bad day, just return to Sesame Place another time. Tickets and season passes can be purchased in advance through Sesame Place’s website.

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Arrive Early

Arrive at least thirty minutes before Sesame Place opens. With the exception of preferred parking ($16 fee), the parking lots are not very convenient or shaded. Once at the Sesame Place entrance, plan your touring attack by using one of the theme park’s free maps. This is a great time for the first family picture of the day. The brightly-colored entrance gate has a huge smiling Big Bird; it’s the perfect background for a photo.

Wear Swimsuits

Sesame Place offers about thirty different wet and dry attractions. Water amusements are mixed in with dry rides. Kids flip from one to the other. Avoid a toddler tantrum by planning in advance for water fun. No need to battle for a space in the overstuffed, often messy, changing rooms. Your little one can do all the dry rides at Sesame Place in his swimsuit. Don’t worry; Sesame Street friends aren’t bothered by wet hugs! Swim diapers are required at Sesame Place. Water shoes or Teva-type sports sandals are a definite. Little feet can burn and blister very quickly on the hot pathways.

Plan Your Visits with Sesame Street Characters

Is hugging Elmo or Cookie Monster a must? How about a photo with The Count or Big Bird? The characters often hang out at the Sesame Street Neighborhood, a replica of the beloved TV show. Be warned that lines for favorite Sesame Street characters can be insane. Why not consider a breakfast, lunch, or dinner character meal instead? The Sesame Place friends visit the tables throughout the meal for plenty of toddler interaction. Wonderful for picture-taking! If your toddler is shy, it’s a safe environment for her to watch the Sesame Street characters in action. The characters are specially trained to work with nervous or scared children. A life-size Elmo can be a little frightening even to adults! For 2007, the buffet-style meals range in price from $14.95 (child breakfast) to $26.95 (adult dinner). Food is very kid-friendly. More information, including menus and times, are available on www.sesameplace.com. Advance reservations are required and can be made through the website.

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Bring a Stroller and Plenty of Supplies

Even the most experienced walker can get pooped out at Sesame Place. Make your toddler more comfortable by having a stroller or wagon available. The stroller is also handy for lugging around the day’s essentials: swim diapers, sunscreen, towels, hats, sunglasses, a camera, snacks, and sippy cups. Sesame Place allows small soft-side coolers; bring plenty of water and juice.

Pack a Lunch

Food at Sesame Place is usually good but expensive. A child’s meal, served in a plastic Sesame Street character lunch box, runs about $7 for a hot dog and French fries. An adult meal is even more. Add in drinks and an Elmo cupcake; suddenly, you’re paying $12 a person. Save money and avoid lines by packing your own food. Shaded picnic tables are conveniently located near the Sesame Place entrance, adjacent to the main parking lots. A picnic is also a chance for the whole family to relax away from the Sesame Place crowds. Remember to have your hand stamped when leaving for readmission.

Don’t Miss the Sesame Place Parade

The “Rock Around the Block” parade is a must-see. The parade is full of Sesame Street friends, amazing floats, energetic music, and lots of dancing. Some characters even walk through the crowds for hugs and pictures. Definitely kid-pleasing! Best bet for a prime view (and smaller crowds) is at the end of the parade route. Mark your spot early with your stroller and enjoy a snack while waiting; it’s worth it!

Consider a Sesame Place Show

Is your toddler fascinated by Elmo’s World on Sesame Street? If so, you may want to consider “Elmo’s World Live!”, a Sesame Place stage show starring Elmo, Mr. Noodle, and Dorothy. The show is toddler-friendly and adorable. The actors don’t mind squirmy kids and occasional interruptions. At least two different shows with other Sesame Street characters are usually scheduled throughout the day at other locations. All shows feature plenty of music, songs, audience participation, and kid-friendly effects. Great way to grab some air conditioning relief too! Daily show schedules are printed on the free map available throughout the theme park.

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Be Aware of Height Restrictions

Height and age restriction information is available on the Sesame Place map, as well as posted at each ride entrance. Most dry rides require children under 42″ to be accompanied by a parent. Have no fear; you’ll enjoy them just as much as your toddler! Two rides, Super Grover’s Vapor Trail roller coaster and Mix-and-Match Twiddle Tracks kid-powered train, are for bigger kids only. Nets and Climbs, a 3-story tall enormous play area of cargo netting and tunnels, is too difficult for even most preschoolers (and some parents!). Underneath Nets and Climbs, however, is a wonderful dry play area full of things to climb, bounce on, and tackle. Fast-paced water rides, including Slippery Slopes and Bert and Ernie’s Slip and Slide, have a 42″ minimum height but your child won’t even miss them. He will be fascinated enough with all the fountains, mini-water slides, bubblers, and pools available to the smallest kids.

And remember to keep your sense of humor! Let your child help guide your day. So what if your toddler wants to ride Elmo’s Flyin’ Fish ten times in a row? Let him. Can’t drag her out of the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave pool? Relax. Sit back and enjoy all your toddler’s giggles as they experience Sesame Place in her own way. Better yet, go out and splash and ride too! Sesame Place is a magical theme park for toddlers and parents alike. And who knows, you might just find yourself hugging Elmo at the end of the day too!