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Visit Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol, Connecticut

History of Lake Compounce

In 1846, residents of Bristol, Connecticut got their first taste of an amusement park, and its been going continuously ever since. In fact, Lake Compounce Amusement Park is the oldest continuously in operation amusement park in the United States, and it is simply a gorgeous site to see. Upon entering the park, you are greeted with rich landscaping bursting in color, and a carousel horse that almost seems to come to life entirely on its own. The carousel was built in 1911 and features hand carved animals that now proudly hold its place in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lake Compounce was built using the lake’s surrounding mountainous terrain as a guideline for the amusement park’s theme, and their signature ride, the Boulderdash wooden roller coaster is still one of the most popular coasters. When you ride the fastest and longest wooden roller coaster in the world, you not only get to enjoy a 115-foot drop, and 4,500 feet of track, you get to take in the scenic view of the mountain while racing along the lush trees in the park, and the Boulderdash features an 180 degree turn that drops and propels riders turning it into an extreme ride.


There are 44 plus rides at Lake Compounce, and it is the home of one of the most spectacular wooden coasters to date. The Boulderdash stands true to it’s name considering that you are careened through the side of a mountain filled with rocks. It has been dubbed the fastest, longest, and tallest wooden roller coaster on the east coast. It was also voted as the best wooden roller coaster in the World by the National Amusement Park Historical Association.

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Thunder N Lightning is Lake Compounds newest thrill ride, and one of they’re most sought after rides as well. The screaming swings on Thunder N Lightning hold a multitude of passengers and catapults’ riders to heights of almost 100 feet at 60 miles per hour, with four Gs of force, making it an extreme thrill ride that dare devils can’t wait to venture onto.

The Zoomerang is another favorite for thrill seekers, and if you are looking for the ultimate scream factor, then look no further then this steel coaster that hoists you 125 feet into the air. Then you are suspended for what feels like an eternity, only to plummet downward into an 180 degree spiraling loop, and just when you think you have caught your breath you are again hurled into an even bigger loop that throws you into a 360-degree turn, but you’re not done yet, now its time to do it all again, but only this time it’s backwards. It is a ride that challenges your fears, but it runs extremely smooth.

This area is typically mild in the summer, but if all the excitement finds you getting a bit over heated then Lake Compounces 7 different water rides should find cooling off to be a breeze. In fact Mammoth Falls is a favorite of water lovers as this watery raft ride leaves you very little chance of staying dry, and it’s sitting in the middle of Splash Harbor which features a pirate ship, lighthouse, a dozen water slides, and a wave pool.

Special Events at Lake Compounce

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Every October guests can enjoy the Haunted Graveyard which features the Temple of Gloom. Getting yourself lost in the swirling Vortex is only half of the fun, as you still have to make it through the Werewolf Woods, and the eerie cornfield filled with creepy creatures of the night. The Haunted Graveyard opens at 5:00 from September 29th to October 31st, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the exception of the 31st.

Chances are high that you will run into that fat, lasagna loving cat Garfield as he is one of the many attractions at Lake Compounce. In fact Garfield and the gang are entertainers at the park, and people old and young love to be photographed with the orange and black fur ball as well as his canine side kick Odie.


Adults’ $32.95, this does not include the sky coaster or the Haunted Graveyard.

Children under 52″ tall are $23.95 for the junior ticket.

Senior Citizens 60 and older pay only $16.95.

Children three and younger are free.

Groups of at least 25 people to 99 people pay $18.00 per person during the week per ticket, and $20.00 on the weekend.


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