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Vintage Silver Shadow Boxes You Can Paint Yourself

Fabric Paint, Paint Rollers, Shadow Box

Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames are a fun way to add a little vintage sparkle and color in a shabby chic way to your walls. They are perfect for displaying tea cups in the dining room, dolls in a little girl’s room, or even flowers in a bathroom.

You can make these Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames using silver metallic paint glazes that most people would think to put on the wall.

Silver Metallic glazes are the easiest way to create dramatic antique look on your Vintage Silver Shadow Boxes. This is a simple project; you don’t need to have any experience with glazing or even painting.

There are a few differ coats of paint in this Vintage Silver Shadow Boxes project, so you will need a few days to complete the entire craft project. You won’t be working all day, but the drying paint will take some time.

To Paint Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames You Will Need:

Pre Made Wood Shadow Box Frames

Grey Colored Fabric Paint

Antique Silver Glaze

Paint trays

Painter’s Tape


Paint Rollers

The first step when applying any type of antique silver glaze to a placemat or fabric is to choose the right base coat of fabric paint.

This is the most important part of the entire Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames project and I cannot stress this to you enough.

You need to paint the canvas placemat with a base coat of light gray colored fabric paint in a color that will complement the antique silver glaze.

This step is so important you cannot skip it.

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The second most important step in applying a faux antique silver paint treatment to your Shadow Box Frames is to know that less is more. This means fewer glazes. You wan to work in small layers and add more silver glaze as needed.

Now, to get started you simply roll on the base coat of the gray fabric paint in the appropriate color. Allow this paint color to dry.

Now, roll on the silver glaze with a foam roller. You could also paint it on with a soft bristled paintbrush in an X motion. The great thing about a faux antique silver paint treatment that uses glaze is that glaze can often stay wet a little longer than traditional paint, which extends the time you have to work with it on the Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames.

So, with a little prep work, some know how, and an acknowledgement of the limitations of this faux paint treatment, you really can create a great looking Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames.

To clean your Vintage Silver Shadow Box Frames I recommend using damp sponge with a little non abrasive cleaner. Dish soap in small amounts would be fine. You should immediately dry your placemats so the paint does not stay wet to long. While this antique silver paint treatment should last a long time on your placemats the real enemy will be water.