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Vacation Destinations for Singles & Loners

Mammoth Cave, Mud Island

Traveling alone can either be a paradise or a tragedy. There are those love solitary and those that solidarity. Whether you like having company or not, there will be times when you’re on vacation alone or traveling by yourself. When this is the case, it’s nice to choose a location that won’t be hindered by your lone visit. Below you’ll find some ‘lone wolf friendly’ locations.

Monster Bash – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

For fans of horror movies old and new, this Pittsburgh convention is a must-see. You’ll encounter all sorts of memorabilia from past cinema eras and be able to indulge in some of the genuinely fun convention activities. I cannot stress enough how unbelievable some of the items that turn up at these events are. Because not many people appreciate classic horror movies, this isn’t exactly the kind of place you should drag your friends or family. As a single visitor, this event can be a fantastic vacation. The on-site hotel can get a bit crowded at the peak of the convention, but it’ll be well worth it to experience it. Single day visitors are charged only $20- for a 3-day pass, the price is $45.

Mud Island – Memphis, Tennessee

This tourist spot is a favorite among Memphians. Mud Island is a small resort of sorts that offers all sorts of events and attractions. Boat rides, tour guides, tournaments, fishing, swimming, and much more are all available! For those of you that are traveling alone, the ease and quiet nature of Mud Island will be a godsend. After a fun trip to Mud Island, feel free to spend the rest of the day enjoying yourself in Downtown Memphis. You can find some of the most delicious food in the city as well as some of the best shopping centers in the area. You don’t need family or friends slowing you down as you take some time to yourself!

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Las Vegas – Nevada

You have to visit Las Vegas once in your life- at least once. You might leave with fewer quarters than you came with, but it’ll all be worth it. Elvis knew what he was talking about- there’s just something addictive about the Vegas lifestyle. Make sure you make a trip there alone- nothing ruins Las Vegas more than having friends, family, or kids trying to go in five different directions and ultimately making the vacation into a headache. With so much to do in Las Vegas, it’s inevitable that everyone will want to do something else. Why not cut out the annoyances and hit the slots, card tables, buffets, or shows on your own? Be warned, it can be a very pricey destination if you intend to gamble frequently. Fortunately the food and lodging are very inexpensive.

Mammoth Cave – Kentucky

This isn’t an optimal trip for children or the elderly- you need to be fairly able-bodied to tackle a journey through Mammoth Cave. This immense network of underground caves and caverns is as fascinating as it is eerie. At times you and your tour group will travel through pitch black, rocky corridors. If you’ve never experience perpetual darkness- that is a lack of the sun and its entirety, this can be a surreal experience. With the air of confusion and loss, it is a slight unappealing destination for a group- single visitors are encouraged. The tours are fairly inexpensive and their gift shop is very well-stocked and affordable.

Nintendo World Store – New York

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For a gamer, this is practically Mecca. Like classic horror movies, not all people are gamers- making this a very solitary destination. Once you’ve seen this awe-inspiring locale and all its Nintendo merchandise, you’ll never be satisfied with GameStop again. The walls are lined with rare Nintendo toys, games, and memorabilia. There’s just always some special gaming event, expo, or tournament taking place and it’s all waiting for you! Just make sure you bring along some extra spending money as this world famous tourist attraction will surely have a lot worth buying!