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University of Oregon Review

The University of Oregon is a well-known research institution located in the northwestern portion of the United States. The university is home to 16,681 undergraduates and 3,695 graduates. The university excels in both its liberal arts and professional programs. The athletic department is a member of the Pac-10 conference, and is popular on campus. Students looking for a school nested in a beautiful area, with plenty of fun and solid academics, will want to take a look at the University of Oregon.

Student Body

The diversity at Oregon is moderate. The majority of students are: white, liberal and laid back. The student body is 30 % out-of-state however a majority of the non-Oregon students are from the west coast. The university is known to have a lot of pot smokers, but doesn’t quite beat out Colorado. A large portion of the international students come from China and the Middle East. In the end, the university manages to bring in a fairly diverse group of students from different religions and ethnicities.


Admissions for acceptance into the school are selective. The class profile for 2008, showed an average GPA of 3.5 with an average SAT of 1,103. Based on information provided by the school, a GPA of 3.25 or greater with sixteen academic units guarantees admission into the university.


The university offers solid academics, though not as highly as the university boast. The university’s best programs include: Psychology, English, and Chemistry. Other programs including Business are still trying to move-up in the national rankings.

Many students point out the popularity of the study abroad program. Students looking to enrich themselves with an abroad experience will want to check out the program.

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The athletics on campus are one of the large reasons students come to Oregon. Being a member of the Pac-10 gives students the opportunity to watch games against powerful football programs such as the University of Southern California and UCLA. Both football and basketball are popular throughout the campus.


The campus for the University of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon. The city has a population of 256,380 people, offering more than 100 city parks and 250 bike trails. Those interested in the outdoor life will be ecstatic once they arrive in Eugene. The area allows you to swim in lakes, ski, and bike close to campus. On top of that, the ocean is only an hour away. Students looking for a variety of things to do will find it in Eugene.

The University of Oregon provides several highly ranked programs in an incredible city. Students interested in sports might find the school of interest, as the program is part of the Pac-10. In-state students and those from California will feel as though they are at home when in Eugene. Overall, students wanting a positive academic experience, and a fun college town should check out the University of Oregon.

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