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Unique Ways to Use Ivory Soap

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Ivory soap has been in existence for a very long time, and it is still one of the most popular soaps available. It leaves behind a cleaning feeling and scent unlike any other, but it is great for more than just bathing. It has many unique uses that go far beyond washing. Take a look at these unique ways to use ivory soap, and find even more uses for the popular white bar that floats.

A Unique Way to Catch a Fish

Many years ago I was told by an elderly fisherman to try a chunk of ivory soap instead of a worm on my line. I was fishing for catfish, and I thought the old man was either pulling my chain or literally out of his mind. I took his unique and unusual advice and fished with a chunk of Ivory brand instead of a juicy night crawler. I caught the largest catfish and no-doubt the biggest fish I have ever caught after taking his sage advice.

Keep Deer from Eating Bushes and Young Trees

Do wild deer wander onto your property and help themselves to a veritable salad bar of bushes and trees? Stop the destruction without harming the deer. Drill a hole into bars of Ivory soap, and suspend the bars from edible bushes and trees. The deer will stay away, and the soap will not harm plant life or any other creatures in the process.

Make Soap on a Rope

Soap on a rope makes a unique gift, and it is ideal for the shower. It can be hung on a hook within easy reach. Slippery bars sliding off the edge of the tub and into the shower will become nothing more than an aggravating memory. Simply grate a bar of ivory soap, and add just enough water to make it stick together. Have a ten-inch piece of soft cotton rope ready, and place the ends in the center of a handful of grated ivory soap. Form a ball around the rope, and shape it until it is perfectly round. Allow it to dry and cure for several days before use.

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Use Ivory Brand to Keep Pests from Destroying Outdoor Plants

Pesticides can harm the environment in countless ways. Use ivory soap instead. Simply melt down a bar of ivory soap in a gallon bucket of hot water. Once the soap completely dissolves, pour this unique natural pest repellant into a clean spray bottle. Spray the undersides of leaves as well as visible areas. The soap will discourage six-legged diners, and plants will grow lush and green.

Create a Unique Carving

Soap carving is fun for adults and kids alike, and Ivory brand is the perfect type for this unique project. Using plastic carving tools designed for clay, create a unique carving or etched design. If desired, fill in the indentations with acrylic paint to make the designs more apparent.

These are just some of the many unique ways to use Ivory soap. Do you have any other creative or practical ideas? Feel free to leave a comment, and share your ideas with the world.