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Tuscan Tile Bathroom Counters on a Budget

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Looking for a Tuscan tile paint technique you can use on your Bathroom Vanity counter? Try this project out to remodel and update existing Bathroom Vanity counters on a budget with a Tuscan décor.

Creating a Tuscan Bathroom Vanity Tile Counter Top project is an inexpensive way to update your Bathroom Vanity counters with the look of expensive tile as well as establish a warm decor in your master bathroom.

This faux Tuscan Bathroom Vanity Counter top tile project is easy to complete and will add a distinctly Tuscan flare to the counters in your master bathroom. The entire faux tile project can be completed for under $70 depending on the size of your bathroom and how many Tuscan inspired counter top paint colors you decide to go with. This is a great way to update your outdated bathroom on a budget in one weekend.

Tuscan inspired colors are warm earth tones. They include colors like terra cotta, warm mustard yellows, earthy warm browns, glowing oranges with a hint of brown, and warm grays. Keep these in mind when you are choosing the paints for your faux tile Bathroom Vanity counter tops.

You will need:


Sand paper
Bathroom Vanity
Blue tape in ¼” width (2 roles for a large kitchen)
Egg Shell Or Semi Gloss Paint (3 Colors, One base grout color, 2 earthy warm tile colors)
3″bristle brushes (3)
Roller brush
4 Paint trays
Glaze Medium
Scissors or exacto knife

In a high-end master bathrooms with authentic Tuscan Bathroom Vanity counter tops tile look you would normally see an intricate tile and larger tiles. The Tuscan tile would continue in matching hues, but larger tiles might be used in the center of the Bathroom Vanity counters.

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So, lightly sand your laminate Bathroom Vanity counters. Wipe away any debris and apply on or two coats of primer.

Let this dry.

I like to start this project by

I begin by taping off the Bathroom Vanity counters. The thin blue painter’s tape will be your grout line. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut your painters tape so you do not have any rough edges. Create your own intricate unique Tuscan inspired pattern by playing with some designs on paper. Use a level and ruler to make sure your faux tiles are level and equally spaced on the Bathroom Vanity counter tops. This is the time to incorporate some smaller faux tiles in combination with larger ones.

You can make up your own tile pattern or take inspiration from bathroom décor magazines. You may find it helpful to lightly draw your design on the wall with a pencil. Use a white artists eraser to remove any visible lines after all paint has dried for at least 24 hours. You could also use a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

Now that your Tuscan faux tile Bathroom Vanity counter tops are taped off you can start painting. For this project it would be best to create a few different looks for your tiles based on your two paints. Have one tile be closer to paint color #1, the second tile be close to paint #2, and create a third unique paint color by mixing an equal combination of the two paints. Mix your tile colors in their own paint trays and add some glaze. The glaze medium will keep your Tuscan inspired paint wet for a longer period of time, so you can do this mixing on the Bathroom Vanity counter tops. If you want though, you could go ahead and mix these colors in their own paint trays.

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When you are applying your paint on the Bathroom Vanity counter tops do not over work it. You want some variation in the paint. The tiles should not be a flat or solid color.

Once you have the base coat of your faux Tuscan tile Bathroom Vanity treatment painted you can added some extra detail and interest with a little splattered paint. Take a clean brush and lightly dip it in one of you original two paint colors. Lightly splatter it on the Bathroom Vanity counter tops where you have been working. Very lightly. You could also lightly stipple the wall with a very dry brush with very little paint on it. This will create that dimpled uneven effect that natural tile often has. Just remember, you can always add more, so work in small amounts.

Let your Bathroom Vanity counters dry and carefully remove the painter’s tape. Allow your faux tile treatment to dry for at least twenty-four hours before you start accessorizing your Tuscan Bathroom Vanity counter tops.

painting all of the Bathroom Vanity counter tops receiving the faux tile treatment in the bathroom a warm Tuscan inspired color that will be the grout color. There is no white left in this project, so this is a good way to prevent any white area from seeping through your Tuscan faux Bathroom Vanity counter tile paint job. A nice warm gray color is perfect for the grout. A color like Realist Beige from Sherwin Williams would work well for this project. Once this has dried you are ready to start taping off. If you are completing this DIY Faux tile treatment over the weekend try to paint your base grout color on Friday night. Completing this one step will allow you to start working on the detailed part of the Tuscan faux tile treatment first thing in the

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