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TQ’s Paradise: Album Lacks Strong Writing, Production, Vocals

Aaliyah, Autotune, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ginuwine

TQ is a Compton, California, singer whose primary claim to fame was his hit single, Westside. Since that point, TQ has been unsuccessful in reaching that same kind of success. He has had numerous solo deals. However, his one hit has overshadowed him. Now TQ is back with his newest album, Paradise. Can Paradise set TQ back up on the road to stardom?

On the title track Paradise TQ is joined by Krayzie Bone from Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony fame. The track was produced by the late Static Major who has produced major songs for Aaliyah and Ginuwine. The song is extremely catchy and a good way to open the album. Also included on the album is the official remix features B.G. of Cash Money fame. The song features a different beat and a solid verse from B.G.

I Don’t Know features R&B; group Jagged Edge. The track was produced by Brandon and Brian Casey from Jagged Edge. The song however just is not a success even though Jagged Edge delivers a solid chorus.

In My Lap is a fairly catchy up-tempo R&B; track. The song definitely sounds like it was made for TQ’s vocal tone. The remix of the track features Lunch and a completely different track. The remix is actually catchier than the original.

On Proud Mary, TQ breaks out the Antares Autotune. The song is not to be confused with the Tina Turner hit song. The track is definitely not one of the strongest tracks on the album.

The TQ produced Sexy is actually one of the stronger tracks on the album. The song is catchy and has surefire radio hit single protection. The song features the strongest production and writing on the album.

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Pumpin’ features Cadillac and Low. The song features TQ at his strongest point; a mix between rapping and singing. The track is also the hardest track on the album. Cadillac and Low have vastly different styles and compliment each other well.

Ebony Eyes features a strong Spanish influence in the Latin-tinged guitars throughout the track. The song however is forgettable.

Paradise is an OK album. The effort does not feature the strongest writing or production and, TQ’s vocals seem to have decreased in quality since his hit single, Westside. However, there is enough here to appeal to an audience. Paradise gets 6.5 out of 10. If you are a fan of TQ make sure you pick up his new album Paradise when it is available in stores on April 1.