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Toy Story 2 Review

Kelsey Grammar, Toy Story 2

There aren’t that many movie’s whose sequels measure up to or even better the original movie, unfortunately Toy Story 2 didn’t go straight to DVD especially considering the type of movie it is. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t see it in the movie theatres, considering the fact I loved the original Toy Story. It’s taken me about five years ago to watch this movie and what a gem it is and can actually consider myself to be one of the many Pixar fans that have watched almost every animated movie they have produced.

Toy Story 2 is the only movie sequel that Pixar has out, I’m certainly hoping that The Incredibles makes a second trip on to the silver screen as well since it’s a great story. By bringing it’s great voiceovers back Tim Allen and Tom Hanks and the wonderful characters they present to us, I’m also quite amazed as to how much of a story these toys can bring to us besides Andy’s room.

It’s really great as to how the story and the characters appeal to children as well as to the adults. I myself owned a number of toys when I was a little child and well, yes I did end up outgrowing them, while some of them I still own to this very day and have stored them in my attic, in some little cardboard storage box. Some of the toys I do indeed own are probably have considered to be a collectors item, when I was a child having seen Toy Story I always wondered if the toys I owned would some how come to life, cause some havoc, than retire in a reasonable time to clean up after themselves, right before I wake up.

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Toy Story 2 occurs right after the previous movie’s outcome, where Andy goes away to a recreational camp and Woody (played by Tom Hanks) has been stolen by the stingy toy collector named Al (voiced by Wayne Knight), Woody son realizes that he actually had other friends before he met Andy and they included characters like Jessie the Cowgirl (voiced over by Joan Cusack) and finally a guy named Stinky Pete (voiced over by Kelsey Grammar). Woody didn’t known that he was a famous marionette that had a great television show in the early 50’s. Al the obnoxious toy collector needs Woody in order to complete his large array of toys and by doing so he can get hordes of cash for selling these toys to a museum in Japan. So it is up to Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) and his friends Mr Potato Head (played by Don Rickles), Slinky Dog (Jim Varney), Rex (played by Wallace Shawn) and finally Ham (voiced by John Ratzenberger) to save Woody from letting these events take place.

However, this movie Toy Story 2 is quite hysterical, it has an awesome plot, great cast of character as well as voiceovers, and an overall enjoyable film to top it all. Many of the laughs will get the kids to laugh but it’s truly the adults that will get everyone of the jokes while most of the children will miss out on the but stuff. I don’t have anything negative to say about this film because there wasn’t anything worth noting, it really is a superb movie for children to watch. This movie is indeed a must watch movie, it gets two thumbs up by me for the movies shear genius. I truly appreciate the individuals that have taken time out of their day to read this review I am certainly thankful for that.