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Topless Drive-Thru Coffee Stands: Washington State’s Newest Attraction?

Baristas, Beckley

For the coffee nut, nothing beats a conveniently located, reasonably-priced, drive-thru coffee stand. Except, of course, one staffed with topless baristas. The residents of Washington State know all too well that nothing brightens a morning commute like a great cup of coffee, delivered by a really hot, bikini-clad barista. Since the introduction of the topless barista last year, coffee and Washington State have never been so enticing.

In the past year, savvy Washington drive-thru coffee stand owners have added one very popular item to their menu: flesh. With the introduction of the topless barista, some coffee stands have taken the idea of a “morning jolt” to a whole new level.

Upon arrival to the Northwest, it doesn’t take the foreigner long to realize that Washingtonians love 2 things: drive-thru service and coffee. Drive-thru coffee stands litter the state, and it is not uncommon to find 5 within a 1 mile stretch. For the average coffee lover, proximity and convenience typically dictate the drive-thru stand that they will frequent. For the owner who wants to erect a successful stand, location is everything.

Or at least, it used to be. At a time when even a well placed drive-thru coffee stand can’t guarantee repeat business, competition is fierce. Savvy business owners, desperate to find a way to separate their coffee stands from the hundreds of others, have resorted to hiring topless women to run their small stands. These bikini baristas, typically clad in bikinis or pasties, bear much in the hopes of enticing coffee lovers to drive that extra mile.

Washingtonians know it better than anyone: sex sells. In a competitive industry, the easiest way to lure in customers is to offer an incentive. Specifically, a bikini clad one. The bikini baristas agree, and enjoy reaping the benefits of the unusual profession. One coffee stand, Hot-Chick-a-Latte, claims (via craigslist) that their bikini baristas can make up to $300 a day.

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For the most part, the gimmick is a hit. Business appears to be booming for these risqué coffee stands. Where flavor and talent may have failed, breasts have flourished. Not surprising, these stands don’t come without their critics. Regardless, it appears that the bikini barista will continue to be one of Washington State’s most popular attractions.

Don’t leave Washington without taking a peek at the latest attraction. Visit a friendly, neighborhood bikini barista at one of these drive-thru coffee stands:

Hot Choco Latte
Sumner-Buckley Highway

Hot Chick-a-Latte
Lakewood, Spanaway and Bonney Lake

Bikini Bottom Espresso
138th St and Pacific Avenue South

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