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Top Veterans Benefits for California Residents: Why Separating Military Members Should Move to California

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I am originally from North Carolina. I recently separated from the military and have since then taken residence in California. Before my discharge, I was told that California has some amazing benefits for veterans who choose to make this state their legal place of residence. After doing a little bit of research I found out that California does offer a lot of advantages to veterans and their family members. Here are some of the top benefits you can get as a veteran living in California.

Tuition free college for dependents. If you have a service-connected disability rating of 0% (which is incredibly easy to get if you’ve ever been to the hospital while serving as a military member), your child could receive a tuition waiver to attend any California community or state college. Your child must be under 27 and making less than $10,787 per year. If this is the case, he could attend schools like UCLA, UC Davis, California State University schools paying ZERO tuition!

And if you are the veteran, some schools will allow you to register early for classes. This is important because many classes fill up quickly. Many times a four year program doesn’t get completed in four years just because of space availability. Having this veteran’s benefit in California can reduce that problem!

Unemployment Insurance Benefit. Separating veteran military members can receive monetary benefits beginning the day they discharge from the service. You’ll need a copy of your DD214 and be actively looking for employment. Once you make contact with the Employment Development Department of California and give them you’re information, you could begin to receive weekly checks. The benefits are good for a year.

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Even if you have a job lined up for you on your way out, you can still receive veteran benefits if you don’t start your new job for a month or so. If you have a part time job, you can still receive benefits. The state of California seems to know how tough it can be to get employment after discharge, so take advantage of what they have to offer! Start by going to the www.edd.ca.gov website.

Home Loans. California has a home loan program for veterans called CalVet. CalVet offers special incentives for first time home buyers. I’ve seen the rates as low as 1% below the national interest rate average of other loans. Homes now are becoming a little more affordable in California, so this is something you shouldn’t just throw by the wayside. Imagine getting a good home on a fixed rate with no down payment just because you are a veteran!

Employment Advantage. Anyone who is considered a veteran automatically gets 10 points added to their application rating for California State jobs. That helps when hiring authorities are screening applications. If you are a service-connected disability veteran with more than 30% you get 15 points added. There is even a 24 Hour “veterans only” hold on jobs for labor exchange. Cal Jobs will look for qualified veterans first when new job orders come through.

There are many more benefits for veterans living in California. For a more detailed listing, visit www.cdva.ca.gov .