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Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Vintage clothing stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are a great source for inexpensive clothing. Vintage clothing stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are loaded with one of a kind long ignored clothing pieces that are sure to add pizzazz to any wardrobe. Vintage clothing is an ageless way for everyone to haeva little fuinwith their everyday life. Cool and eccentric pieces can add variety and sparkle to your life and wardrobe without breaking making you bankrupt. With each new and exciting piece everyone will be asking, “Where did you get find that fabulous…?” Collecting vintage clothing is a worthwhile hobby that doesn’t have to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Everyone will take notice of your vintage passion with each new piece that you wear.

Vintage clothing stores are full of somewhat used pieces from as far back as the 1930’s to the nearby 1980’s. Almost everything used is sold in a vintage clothing store. The best part is that you get to purchase these second hand clothing at a significant discount from the original price because they are not brand spanking new. Most vintage clothing stores will only sell clothing in good condition that are free of any stains or rips. It is important to varify the condition of any vintage pieces that you acquire. So, the next time you are in the frame of mind to liven up your present wardrobe, take a gander at some of these great local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania vintage clothing stores.

Kharisma Vintage Fashions is a local Pittsburgh source for all things vintage. They carry a large selection of vintage clothing and accessories ranging form the early 1930’s all the way to the 1970’s and even some great stuff form the 1980’s. Clothing is arranged by size, so you will have to dig through each section to find the specific era of clothing you are looking for. Kharisma Vintage Fashions’ staff is friendly and more than willing to help you find the perfect piece of vintage clothing. They are located at 317 South Main Street, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 15601, in a suburb of Pittsburgh. For directions contact them at (724) 837-7125.

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Yesterday’s News is the best source for authentic vintage clothing and accessories in the Pittsburgh area. They are a small store with a super large inventory of all things vintage. Yesterday’s News’ inventory include all things vintage ranging form the 1920’s to the groovy 1970’s. They carry a selection of wonderful eveningwear that is sure you make you feel sparkly and pretty. Yesterday’s News is picky about what they purchase, so you can be sure you are getting the real deal when you buy anything from them. Their vintage items are always in good condition. You should always thoroughly check your vintage pieces before you buy them though. Yesterday’s News is located at 1405 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15203. They can be reached at (412) 431-1712. Be sure to call ahead if you are going to sell or trade any of you own top quality vintage goods.