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Top Three Bars of Bemidji

Backyard Bbq, Brigid, Irish Bars

Bridgid’s Cross

Brigid’s Cross is the only Irish bar in Bemidji. The experience of being there on a night out has always been wonderful. They have a wide variety of drinks and serve tasty food until 9pm. But it is not just a night time bar, because you can also relax during the day and have lunch by yourself or with a friend.

All people that work there are friendly and even up to a conversation if it is not too busy. They check up on their tables consistently with great service. They are coming up with a new menu at this time, but it was a variety of burgers, salads, appetizers, pizzas and also some pasta dishes. Never had a complaint about any of their food or their service.

The atmosphere is almost always entertaining since they introduce new bands on Wednesday nights, open mic on Thursdays, and have bands play on most weekends. The music is varied from country, rock, jazz, local talent, punk/metal, to Irish bagpipe music. So there is something for everyone. Or just relax on a regular night with Irish music or other varied music playing over the speakers.

They offer games to play at your table or you can bring your own games. Either way you will not get bored at this great Irish bar. So please check it out for yourself, you are surely not to be disappointed.

Backyard Barbeque

The Backyard Barbeque is a fairly new place in Bemidji. They offer happy hour on a daily basis with great drink specials. From 11am to 6pm you can get $0.50 off of each drink. Then when it hits 9pm there is an hour block to 10pm where you can buy one drink get one drink free.

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The menu is a barbeque variety including some delicious pulled pork sandwiches or you can even get some pizza. Either way if you are wanting some good barbeque food but don’t want to go through all of the work, then just stop in at the Backyard Barbeque. There is also some picnic tables inside to sit at and enjoy your food. It is a a different experience and the only place like it in Bemidji.

The staff is always friendly and they offer a jukebox with a huge variety of music. They also have a big variety of bands that play on the weekends for entertainment which is mostly local or big city talent. You can also play some pool while you wait for your food and drinks. It is a pleasant place to eat and drink in which a majority of people could all agree. Check out their facebook page to read for yourself what people think.

Corner Bar

The Corner bar has been locally owned by one friendly family since 1977. It is obviously called the corner bar because it is on a corner in what they call the Nymore area of South Bemidji. They offer a variety of seating including tables and booths. They usually have some music playing or you can pick your own from a varied music jukebox.

They offer some of the best burgers in town and wide variety of appetizers. They also have food and drink specials daily which sometimes includes things that are not on the regular menu. The menu is open until 10pm but you can still get pizzas until 1am. Most people will go to the Corner Bar if they feel like having a good old fashioned bar burger.

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The atmosphere is fun, but also offers some private offset booths if you do not feel like mingling. A pool table is a good way to pass some time while enjoying the company of your friends, or maybe you want to play darts. No matter the reason you choose to go to the Corner Bar, you are sure to enjoy your time.