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Karla News

The Sorry State of Today’s Country Music

I have always been and always will be a country music fan. I grew up listening to country music when it was considered “uncool” to do so by my peers. Most of my childhood friends were into rap and various forms of pop and rock, and they could not fathom my attraction to a music ...

Karla News

Top 10 Country Music Break Up Songs

If you are looking for some country music to listen to while sitting at home from a nasty break up sometimes it is great to listen to songs about revenge and even songs that are heartfelt and help you think about your own recent break up, then look no further here are the Top 10 ...

Karla News

20 Most Significant American History Events (1865-1905)

1. (1869) Knights of Labor Founded: This was the first National Union. Uriah Stephens, a Philadelphia tailor, founded it. The union had many goals including an eight-hour workday, equal pay for men and women, no working children under 14, and government ownership of railroads and telegraph lines. When this union was founded it had many ...