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Top Ten Real Haunted Hospitals

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Hospitals are places where many people suffer great disease and even death. There are legends that some hospitals may still be haunted by the souls that pass within them. In this article, we will discuss ten of the most famous haunted hospitals in the United States.

The tuberculosis hospital in Lima, Ohio is said to be haunted. Tuberculosis was a great disease that stole millions of lives in the early nineteen hundreds. The Lima tuberculosis hospital opened in nineteen eleven to house thousands of patients dying of tuberculosis. It is said that these were basically houses of death. Thousands died everyday. The hospital closed in nineteen seventy. It is said that if you visit you will feel you are followed by the ghosts who died there. This hospital is not open to the public for touring. However, pictures can be found at http://www.ohiotrespassers.com/lima.html.

The Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, Kentucky is probably one of the most famous and well known hospitals. It is open for tours and you can book them on the web page for as little as twenty dollars. http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com offers tickets and information on the history and claims of paranormal activity. The hospital has a famous body chute and was opened in nineteen ten to isolate tuberculosis patients. At some point the hospital was also used to treat mental illness.

Georgia has an abundance of haunted hospitals to visit. This in large part due to the fact that they had many hospitals dedicated to treating Civil War veterans. The most well known of these hospitals is the Madison Civil War hospital. It saw it’s share of death. The hospital is open for touring. People have claims ranging from footsteps, displaced noises, and full bodied apparitions.

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The Athens Lunatic Asylum in Athens, Ohio is among on of the most famous haunted hospitals. It is said that a nurse died of a heart attack in an abandoned part of the building and remains. Her body left a stain that still remains in the cement today. The hospital has underground tunnels. It is rumored that these tunnels were used to transport dead bodies. It is unsure whether or not this hospital is open for touring.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia is another haunted hospital. It was opened in eighteen sixty four and used to house the insane. It is said that the patients there were abused and even murdered. One famous patient was Charles Manson. The hospital closed in nineteen ninety four. It is open for visits and tours. The most famous claims here are of people talking and screaming in pain. The hospital is even open for overnight stays. More information and ticket purchase can be acquired at http://trans-alleghenylunaticasylum.com/.

The Rolling Hills Asylum in New York is a very prominent haunted hospital. It is said that over seventeen hundred people died there. Many are even buried on the land. The hospital recently closed after an investigation and is currently for sale. It is still under management and may be contacted for private touring. You may even bring your own ghost hunting equipment. The hospital was opened in eighteen twenty seven and used as a mental hospital, an orphanage, and a nursing home.

The Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida is a very interesting hospital. It has had two different buildings through time. They have uncovered a burial ground there. The original building that was built in the seventeen hundreds no longer stands. The hospital was rebuilt after the burial ground was discovered. Even the faculty has been scared off. It’s said that there is an extremely prominent feeling of evil there. Tours are available.

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The Tooele Hospital in Utah has capitalized on it’s reputation for being haunted. It has opened the infamous attraction Asylum 49. This is opened to the public. However, it is a normal haunted attraction. There are still many stories of the actual hospital, but this is an attraction that is more geared to a typical haunted house. The main function of this hospital is elderly care.

Oatland Island in Savannah, Georgia was used as a military hospital during World War II. Later it was used as a retirement place for railway workers. Today a zoo is located there, but it is still opened for touring. There have been all sorts of claims of paranormal activity there. People describe it as entering into a different world. There are chilling electronic voice phenomenon recordings available.

St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Dayton, Ohio is considered to be haunted. It is still open for patient care. The employees and patients explain various phenomenon such as doors opening, children playing, and moans of pain. The staff and former patients are willing to share their stories, but due to being open for business public tours are not allowed. They may accept arrangements with professional investigators though.