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Top Ten Great Animal Video Clips on YouTube

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Having a bad day, or even a bad week? Add a few bright moments to your day by watching any one of these entertaining and amazing animal videos. Almost all the videos are short – I don’t really have the time or patience to watch videos for more than a minute or two. Almost all of these videos are kid-friendly, especially the “cute animal” clips.

Otters Holding Hands. This has got to be one of the most heartwarming videos I’ve seen in years. Watch as two otters lazily float around their habitat in the Vancouver Aquarium. Be patient, and watch to the very end, when the “awwws” have it once again. I’ve watched this video a number of times, and love it each and every time.

Cute Animals. What more is there to say? You’ve got more than three minutes of big-eyed, adorable creatures in this video montage to lift your spirits. The images are static, but I still can’t resist those huggable animals. You Tube has a number of these labeled “1, 2, 3” etc. I’ve found that younger children really enjoy watching these videos over and over again.

cat meets dog. Who says patience isn’t a virtue? Watch as a cat finds a new toy in the form of a dog’s tail. For those of us who own both cats and dogs, and know how hilarious their interactions can be.

Kittens in facial tissue box. There are a number of kittens in tissue boxes on You Tube, but this video stands out as one kitten’s brothers and sisters wreak havoc and funny moments in this short video. If you are a cat lover or owner, this clip will bring back memories of those early kitten years, when play is their number one priority.

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Twirl a squirrel. Although I recognize the role squirrels play in the animal kingdom, I am truly frustrated when the squirrels in my yard raid our birdfeeders. Watch one person’s solution to this pesky solution, as squirrels fly off this twirling device. (I don’t believe any squirrels were harmed in the making of this video.)

Funny animal. For everyone like me who loves to leave the office on Friday afternoon, and how we feel when returning on Monday. Two of our animal friends in the Artic demonstrate our emotional states. Is it Friday yet?

Funny animal video. Funny in a warped, weird way. This short movie spoofs action/kung fu movies, including nods to the Matrix series and “You’ve got Milk” commercials. You’ll never look at a cow or Jackie Chan the same way again.

funny dogs. A compilation of amusing dog clips. I really enjoy the bouncing dog in the beginning, reflecting the pure joy of a summer day. Seriously, I think some of these dog owners need a visit from the Dog Whisperer. There are also a number of videos with similar names. Dog lovers will enjoy all of them.

Unbelievable Amazing Animals. Heroic hippo comes to the rescue for some less fortunate animal friends. Warning – some animal-graphic (ala National Geographic) scenes. This video reminds me of the unknown qualities of the natural world around us, and how little we understand of it.

PETSTAR Very Funny Parrot. Truly amazing parrot imitating a variety of animals. Just how did the owner get this animal to perform. And just how smart is this creature? Hope he won on this popular TV series!

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