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Finding the truly useful sewing blogs is like hunting in the dark; rumor is that they exist, but finding ones that consistently offer something more than the usual “today, I tackled this project and here’s how cool it looks but no I don’t have any instructions for you however you can follow my affiliate link to purchase the directions yourself” is a project unto itself.

For the purposes of this article, let’s consider this definition for what constitutes a “useful” blog:
A useful sewing craft blog offers projects and how-to’s, promotes the art of sewing, and simply inspires the reader into
actually sewing.

Best Sewing Blogs

All of the best craft blogs have at least one thing in common: they inform, inspire, or educate. When you get really lucky, there is some sort of mixture between all three. These are the sewing blogs that really stick with you, the ones you will return to again and again.

And guess what we have here? A list of the best sewing craft blogs currently online. I’ve rated them in order of usefulness based on the definition above, and explain what makes each blog better than the one before it. Keep reading, I promise you’ll find something perfect for you.

3: Prudent Baby – Oh how much I love about this sewing craft blog! It’s a visual treat, to begin with. I mean, I’m totally not a Martha Stewart fan but you know you’ve got your stuff down when one of your DIY Sewing projects turns into a full photo shoot for the crafting goddess.

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But really, it does get better. While this fantastic blog could be updated on a more regular basis (definitely not one of your check-every-day blogs), it does contain fully detailed instructions on sewing projects with step-by-step photographs that are both easy and adorable.

Apart from the too-few updates, the only other drawback to what would otherwise qualify this as a top-rate sewing craft blog is that you actually have to search around the categories to find the sewing category. So, while I’m also entranced with some of the other projects (paper crafts on this blog are beautiful!), I’ve got to put this in #3 because it’s not as focused on sewing as I’d like a “sewing” blog to be.

2: Sewing @ CraftGossip – In my humble estimation, there is no more beautiful sewing craft blog anywhere online (yet!) than the Sewing blog offered through CraftGossip. It fits every single criteria I could ask for: not only is the blog itself visually enticing, but several patterns are posted every day so you never run out of ideas and inspiration, not to mention the actual “stuff” to stitch up the beauty on display in the sewing blog.

Every post on Sewing @ CraftGossip is accompanied by bright, gorgeous photographs of the finished projects. Nearly every post leads to a sewing project pattern or tutorial that is also beautifully photographed, explained in detail, and makes you happy to be a sewing aficionado. Also, the “You Might Also Like” links listed beneath each clicked-on post are actually useful and really do fall into the same “category” of project you’re already interested in. Some of the projects are even video tutorials – what more could you ask for?

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Well … I could only ask for one more thing: not having to click so many off-site links. Call me busy, but I get frustrated when I’m forced to click link after link just to get to the project I’m dying to get more information on. It’s for this reason alone that Sewing @ CraftGossip is in my #2 slot for best sewing craft blogs instead of my #1.

1: Sewing.org – Number one for a reason, the sewing.org website is a combination of sewing-news blog, projects, patterns, and all the know-how needed for the beginning sewer to get stitching the right way … and quickly.

Compiled and kept up-to-date by Janice Blasko and Joyce Perhac of the Sewing & Craft Alliance, Sewing.org is part of the alliance’s effort to “provide education and creative resources to the sewing and craft enthusiast”.

Part of that effort involves their blog, which is inspiring from first glance. Featuring advanced tutorials for projects like a Bridal Bag as well as easily-stitched Jingle Dog Collars, if you’re a sewing enthusiast you’re going to be poring over every article on this #1 sewing craft blog, and coming back the next day for more.