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Karla News

Top Punk Crafting Blogs

Nowadays, there’s a blog for everything, and the specific niche of punk crafting has opened up a wealth of information only mouse-clicks away. Presented here is an quick guide to the best punk craft blogs on the ‘net, as judged on 3 main criteria: Interface: Does the blog look professional? Is it simple to navigate ...

Karla News

Craft Blogs for Recycled Crafts

As a thrifty person, recycled craft projects are right up my alley. I love to read craft blogs that give me new ideas for making something out of nothing. Some of my recent projects have included recycled tin can luminaries. These simple soup and cat food cans sparkle with candlelight and look pretty. Kids can ...

Karla News

Top Sewing Craft Blogs

Finding the truly useful sewing blogs is like hunting in the dark; rumor is that they exist, but finding ones that consistently offer something more than the usual “today, I tackled this project and here’s how cool it looks but no I don’t have any instructions for you however you can follow my affiliate link ...