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Top Five Rose Wines

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Rose wines are one of the most intriguing wines to drink on a hot summer night with fruit or just alongside the waterfront. A good glass of rose wine does not have to a full rose color but instead can vary from a pale yellowish orange color to light burgundy. The rose wines sit right between a white wine and a red wine. It is a light wine, generally throughout tradition it has been a slight bit dry but not so much in comparison to a red wine. Here are my top five rose wines this summer:

Rosé Wine #1: Banfi Rosa Regale

In my opinion, this is the best rosé wine that Italy has produced in many years. It is a blended rosé wine with champagne. I may be impartial though since most Banfi wines are celebrated in my household and always sit in our wine cellar, including this one. It is a great bubbly wine that can be sipped anywhere and just about anyone will enjoy. It has enough tannin to create a full body but not enough body to turn off new wine drinkers. In the last few years it has reached high popularity in America but can still be purchased for under $20.00 in most places. Color: Deep Pink; Taste: Slightly on the sweet side but still contains enough tannin to tease the taste buds; Smell: If Valentines day could have a scent, it would smell like this wine. Sweet but still has a hint of spice.

Rosé Wine #2: Domaine les Valentines

This is a wine that I found in Wine Enthusiast magazine last year in 2007. It was a suggestion among many other of my favorite rosé wines. It was something I had not tasted yet but knew it would be of high quality seeing that it got high ratings, I believe around 91 points. It is from the AOC Côtes de Provence and hence it contains the Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah grape varieties. It is a light pink color with a hint of purple to it, the produces call it “salmon pink”. Color: Salmon Pink; Taste: A hint of sweetness but contains enough Syrah to made it bold. Smell: Not too much of a scent bouquet but has a slight hint of berries that fills the air. Price: Under $20.00

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Rosé Wine #3: Cantina Terlan Lagrein Alto Adige

This is a wonderful rosé wine for those thinking that rosé wines are made up of roses. It leaves the air with a wonderful rose bouquet and has a light taste. It is rich with a hint of earthy flavors but should not be confused as a burgundy wine. It comes from Italy and has been good year after year, it never disappoints. Color: light pink; Taste: light with a hint of roses; Smell: Hint of roses and earth; Price: Usually around $15.00

Rosé Wine #4:Falset Marca Rosado Montsant

This rosé wine hails from Spain and has not skipped a beat fighting against my other favorites from Italy. It is slightly cheaper but does have a good full flavor but has been known to be a slight bit stronger with tannins than the other rosé wines here.

Color: dark pink, almost purple; Taste: contains hints of syrah but is very light; Price: $10.00; Smell: light without too much of a bouquet but contains a berry hint.

Rosé Wine #5: Domaine de la Linquiere

This comes from the AOC Saint Chinian appellation and has never been better for rosé wine lovers. It gives off this wonderful bouquet that everyone thinks about when looking at the wonderful pink color of rosé wines. If it is smell that you are trying to get from drinking this wine, this rosé wine that will bring out the summer memories of picking strawberries and raspberries. Color: rosy pink; Taste: similar to strawberries and raspberries; Price: Usually around $20.00. Smell: All red fruits especially strawberries.