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Top Five Inexpensive Red Wines of Oregon

Noir, Oregon Wine

In the state of Oregon you will find many wineries that offer truly outstanding varieties. The climate of the region is excellent for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Currently over seventy-two types of grapes are grown with ease in the area. At this time Oregon is the second leading state for the most wineries with over 350 alone that are stand out operations.

As of today, Oregon has sold over 1,590,000 cases of wine and most of these were expensive varieties. But if you hunt around you can find a quality wine that doesn’t pack a huge price tag. Here are five of my favorite inexpensive Oregon wines that I would encourage you to try.

1) 2007 Winemakers Cuvee Pinot Noir by Panther Creek Cellars

Panther Creek Cellars is located in McMinnville, Oregon. They have been producing Pinot Noir since 1986 and have established themselves as a true producer of high quality wine. Most of their wine does pack a higher price tag but they do market a few that are excellent and very economical.

The 2007 Winemakers Cuvee Pinot Noir is an excellent choice when shopping for an inexpensive red wine. A bottle will normally run only about $30. This wine is very flavorful. It contains a hint of vanilla which is very pleasant. The wine has a wonderful finish to it. You cannot go wrong with this Pinot noir for such a low price.

2) Benton Lane Wineries 2007 Pinot Noir

The Benton Lane Winery is family owned and operated since 1988. They have been producing quality Pinot Noir since 2003. They now market their wines in 46 states. Some of them tend to be a bit expensive but others hold a reasonable price tag.

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The Benton Lane 2007 Pinot Noir is approximately $26 per bottle. It is a delightful ruby red wine with a strong cherry flavor. Its a wonderful wine to serve with a nice chicken dish.

3) 2007 NxNW Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon by King Estate Oregon Wine The King Estate is located south east of Eugene Oregon. They have been in business for 19 years and they offer a wonderful variety of wines that are often expensive. They have a lovely restaurant on the premises of their winery which is absolutely excellent and well worth the visit.

The 2007 NxNW Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a fairly inexpensive at $25.00 per bottle. It has a delightful cherry flavor that has a deep hint of plum and a lovely spicy finish.

4) 2006 Reserve Merlot by Spangler Vineyards

Spangler Vineyards is a small winery that is family owned and operated. It is located in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley where the views are breathtaking. The produce many quality wines.

The 2006 Reserve Merlot is a very sweet wine with a strong flavor of cherry and red currant. A bottle will cost approximately $25 per bottle and you can purchase it on line at their official website at,


5) 2006 Cabernet Franc by Spangler Vineyards

This is another fine wine that Spangler Vineyard makes. It markets for only $24 per bottle and is absolutely excellent. Its full of cherry flavor and a nice chocolate hint. This wine can also be purchased on line directly from the winery.