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Top Five Cheap Laptops Under $500

Cheap Laptops, Under 500

Today, the goal of owning a laptop on a budget is becoming a reality for many consumers as many new cheap laptops hit the market place. Laptops with basic functionality such as word processing, internet browsing and emailing are easier and easier to find at a reasonable price. In fact, there are many models for under $500.00, making it easy to buy a cheap laptop on a budget.

Acer Aspire 5315

A vista enabled laptop with a price point of under $500, the Acer Aspire is ideal for students looking for a laptop on a budget. Anyone looking for a cheap laptop for basic word-processing and web surfing, should consider the Acer Aspire 5315. The Aspire comes equipped with a DVD/CD-RW drive – almost unheard of in this price category. Its downfalls include no dual-core processor meaning the Acer Aspire can be slow to warm up and boggy when running multiple applications. A short battery life finishes off the list of cons. Available for purchase at local stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Sam’s Club; this is an easy laptop to buy.

Zonbu Notebook

The Zonbu Notebook is a cheap laptop and automatic service for all its updates and maintenance. Ideal for parents or grandparents looking for a cheap laptop on a budget, who want the ability to surf the web without worrying about the affect of viruses. A Linux based, fast laptop, its only downfall is the inability to install anything at all. What comes in the box is all there is. At a price of $279, plus $14.95 per month for the Zonbu service, it’s a great little cheap laptop. Available for purchase at Best Buy or order it online through Zonbu.

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Asus eeePC

The size of an average paperback, the Asus eeePC sells for around $400 making it an ideal pick for those searching for a laptop on a budget. A fast startup, thanks to a Linux based system, the Asus performs all the basic functions of computer: word processing, web surfing and emailing. With no CD drive and a tiny keyboard this cheap laptop won’t work for anyone that needs to use it extensively. Buy the Asus eeePC on-line at Asus’

Everex Cloudbook

Very similar to the Asus eeePC, this full sized cheap laptop is perfect for on-the-go-professionals and students looking for a laptop on a budget. Equipped with all the software you need for web browsing and word processing, at $400 this cheap laptop is a steal. Available exclusively at Wal-Mart.


The infamous One Laptop per Child computer was designed to provide kids in developing nations with laptops. Linux based with all the basic, the OLPC has some nice features, like a Wi-Fi Repeater for passing on a Wi-Fi signal. Though no longer available for mainstream purchase these little gems are commonly available on eBay

Consumers looking for a cheap laptop have more option than ever. Purchasing a laptop on a budget has never been easier. With five great lap tops under $500 the only thing left to do is pick!