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Acer Aspire L310 Intel Core Duo PC Desktop Review

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While there are several main computer manufacturers on the market, and all of which are producing high-quality desktop computers, there are also several smaller companies that have been making great computers for quite some time. One of these companies is Acer, and throughout their time, consumers have slowly began to realize that their computers are not only stable but also highly-functional. If you are interested in purchasing a new desktop PC, or you are just researching the market for a future purchase, I would suggest including an Acer desktop PC into your search. The Acer Aspire L310 Intel Core Duo PC Desktop, Model: ASL310-UD430A is one of the most well-made and stable computers on the market, and sadly, it is also one of the most overlooked.

Main Product Features:

The first feature that has been placed within this Acer Aspire desktop computer is the processor. Of course, the processor is the foundation of your computer. Without a great processor, it doesn’t matter what other features you have, because their entire functionality is placed within the hands of the processor. However, within this Acer Aspire desktop computer, you will have amazing speeds and multitasking power. With the Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (1.86 GHz), your computer will run smoother and will be incredibly reliable.

You will be able to not only watch movies on this desktop PC, but you will also be able to create them through the DVD optical drive. And with a Serial ATA hard drive that features 250GB’s of storage, you will be able to store your complete movie and music library within this desktop computer. The operating system is the Windows Home Premium Edition, which is extremely reliable and will provide you with advanced navigation features to enhance your productivity while on your computer.

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With most desktop computers, it is very common to find a network card that allows wired internet connection, but not wireless. Most computers that feature built-in wireless network interfaces are laptops, however, this Acer Aspire desktop does not fit the standard mold. You will be able to connect to the internet wirelessly through the 802.11b/g. Also, with this desktop compute,r you can connect to the Internet through traditional dial-up, with the help of the RJ-11 Modem.

Users will find that this desktop PC is unique because of its extremely slim design, which works perfectly if you have limited space. The only compliant that consumers have had of this desktop PC is its inability to be upgraded easily. Yet, with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator graphics card, as well as numerous other advanced features, this computer will not need upgrading for the average consumer.

Product Price:

You can find this Acer Aspire desktop PC for an average price of $525. It’s a great computer for those who enjoy their entertainment, as well as those who just want a desktop PC that can keep up with the ever-evolving computing industry.