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Top Children’s Birthday Party Places in Little Rock, Arkansas – Plan a Party in Pulaski County

Pizza Party

Birthday parties are more than just cake and ice cream nowadays. They’ve become an all-out social event, complete with fun entertainment, food, and games. While there’s nothing wrong with having a simple celebration at home, Little Rock offers excellent options for a fun party. If your child has a big birthday coming up soon, and he/she deserves a big party, consider one of these locations.

1. Pump it Up


12120 Colonel Glenn Rd.
(501) 225 – 4233
Cost: Very High

If you have a child with lots of energy (hey, don’t all kids have that!), who loves to jump around, then a party at Pump it Up might be your choice. Pump it Up is a place full of inflatable jumpers and slides. Your child and his/her friends will love the bouncing, and parents will thank you for wearing out their children for a long nap. They offer three packages. The “Classic Party Package” runs $255 on weekends and $225 on weekdays for up to 25 guests. It includes private party room time, set up/clean up, invitations and more. The Mini Classic”, available only on weekdays, is $150 before 2:00 pm and $185 after 2:00 pm. It includes the same as the classic. The “Cozy Classic” is $195/weekdays or $205/weekends and is the same as the classic package, but limited to 14 guests. A Pump it Up Party is sure to please everyone!

2. Painted Pig Studio
5622 R Street
(501) 280-0553
Cost: High

Does your child enjoy painting, drawing, or just expressing her/himself? Then, the Painted Pig Studio would be a wonderful birthday spot. It is a unique, but enjoyable choice for a birthday celebration. Guests (and the birthday child of course) can paint a plate or picture frame. For 6-10 guests the party fee is $60 plus a $40 deposit, 11-15 guests it’s $80 plus a $50 deposit, and 16-20 guests is $100 plus at $60 deposit. This prices do not include the price of the pottery. The fee goes towards an art specialist to help your guests paint, painting supplies, balloons, and a customized frame or plate. You’re welcome to brings snacks and ice cream and cake. A party at Painted Pig Studio will be a fun activity for all children, even some adults too!

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3. Little Rock Zoo
1 Jonesboro Drive
(501) 666-2406 ext 122
Cost: Medium to High

What can be more fun that celebrating your birthday with flamingos, monkeys and bears? They offer a two hour celebration that includes a personal tour of the child’s favorite animals, a party game, an up-close encounter with an animal, a train ride, ice cream and drinks, a birthday present for the child, and goody bags. It is for up to 10 children and runs $120 for members and $130 for non-members. (You can purchase up to 5 additional tickets for $12 or $13 each depending on if you have a membership.) This party is sure to please children of all ages! It’s a learning activity, but amusing as well.

4. Playground / Park Party
Various Locations
(501) 371-4770
Cost: Low

A birthday celebration at a local playground or park is sure to be a big hit. Little Rock has numerous parks that would make excellent locations for your child’s next party. Perhaps get a pinata and plan a few games, and it’ll be a celebration to remember! Don’t forget the cake and ice cream! It is also best to have a back -up location in the event of rain.

5. Chuck E. Cheese


4120 Landers Rd. and 10901Rodney Parkham
(501) 945-1985 and (501) 227 – 8363
Cost: High to Very High

You can never go wrong with a Pizza Party at Chuck E. Cheese! Children will love eating pizza, watching shows, and playing fun games such as ski-ball. They offer two packages – the “Birthday Star Package” and “Super Star Package”. The Birthday Star Package is $10.99 per child and includes a decorated table for up to an hour and a half, 2 slices of pizza per child, unlimited drinks, balloons and a lunch box gift for the birthday child, 20 tokens per child, 100 tickets for the birthday boy/girl and more. The Super Star Package is $15.99 per child and includes the same, plus goody bags, souvenir cups, and more gifts for the birthday child. Chuck E. Cheese would be a fun party!

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6. The Wonder Place
10301N. Rodney Parham
(501) 225- 4050
Cost: Very High

The one’s geared towards younger children. If you want a party that will stimulate their imaginations, tickle the their creative sides, and will be just plain fun, the Wonder Place may be you pick. You can have a public party with a private party room for $250 for 15 children and 25 adults. You can also host a private party for $350 for up to 25 children and an unlimited number of adults. There are several themes to select from including “”Under the Sea”, “Pirate Adventure”, and “Animal Parade.” Children will participate in fun activities related to the theme such as painting, building a vehicle, playing with play-doh and more. In addition, they’ll be able to explore the center – don’t miss the water table and puppet stage. The Wonder Place is an excellent choice!

7. Little Rock Climbing Center


12120 Colonel Glenn Rd.
(501) 227 – 9500
Cost: Medium to High

If you’ve got a little climber on your hands (well one that’s at least 6 years old) then a business to consider is the Little Rock Climbing Center. It is essentially, a giant room of rock climbing walls. Their fee is 12$ per climber, with a minimum of 6 guests. You are welcome to bring food, drinks, and cake. You can download an invitation from their site. This birthday party would promote teamwork and bonding. And, it’d be great exercise! It would be a fun party for an older child.

8. Gator Park
11411 West Baseline Rd.
(501) 455 – 3750
Cost: High

If you want a party with a little bit of everything, then Gator Park might be your choice. Children can ride bumper boats, go karts, practice baseball in batting cages, and play (their specialty) miniature golf. Their packages run $179 for 10 guests, additional children may be included for $12.00. The party includes pizza, drinks, plates, napkins, utensils, party favors, and five activity wristbands for each kiddo. You can purchase invitations and cake if you’d like. A celebration at Gator Park would entertain everyone!

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9. Hobbit Hill Riding Stables
13288 Bean Road (Alexander)
(501) 316- 4145
Cost : Very High

This one’s located about 20 minutes outside of Little Rock, but is worth the drive. Your child will enjoy riding horses and playing fun games. They have 3 packages. All are for 12 children, but you can invite more for $10 per guest. Package I runs $200 and consists of a pony (or horse) ride, personalized invitations, balloons, paper plates and utensils, games, a lucky horseshoe picture, and use of the play area and grill. If you want an outdoor party, this might be your best option.

10. Excel Models and Talent
8201 Cantrell Rd #300
(501) 227 – 4232
Cost: Very High

This place definitely wins the award for the most unique and out-of-the ordinary spot! If you have a little girl who has dreamed of modeling, a party at Excel Models and Talent is a fine choice. Their party package costs $325 for 12 participants, and $10.00 for each additional guest. The party includes a small acting class, a red carpet reception, VIP Interview, mini – fashion showing, dance party and much more! If you want a party that kids will talk about for ages, this is the one!

If these ideas don’t appeal to you, or if you have a tight budget, remember there is nothing wrong with a having a party at home! Sometimes those are the best parties! Happy Partying!