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Top 5 Children’s Books About Firefighters for Preschoolers

Fire Safety

Having previously worked in a preschool setting, I know how much children love to learn about firefighters and fire safety. I also know how tough it can be to wade through all of the firefighter books on the market to find just the right one for story time. With that said, I thought that I would list a handful of books that I found to be top-notch for such situations. Here they are:

“Firefighters A to Z”

In my experience, Chris L. Demarest’s “Firefighters A to Z” is a superlative book to read for three main reasons. First, it is about firefighters. Thus, it could be included in lesson plans about occupations and fire safety. Second, it doubles as an alphabet book, which is always a plus. Third, it has rhyming text that most kids seem to enjoy listening too. If you do decide to check out the book, I’d suggest pairing it with the firefighter handwriting worksheet posted on the First School website and the firefighter coloring pages posted on the Twisty Noodle website.

“Big Frank’s Fire Truck”

I found Leslie McGuire’s book “Big Frank’s Fire Truck” to be an informative and entertaining read as well. What I like about the book is how the author goes a bit in depth about what firefighter’s do when they are not actively fighting fires. It also touches on issues related to fire safety, which I found beneficial. Because it contains fire safety material, you may want to consider combining it with Margery Cuyler’s book “Stop, Drop and Roll” and Jean E. Pendziwol’s book “No Dragons for Tea.”

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There are also supplementary fire safety materials available on the Twiggle Magazine website that could feasibly be utilized with all three books. The materials include songs and printables. If you want to include coloring pages with your lesson plan, I’d suggest utilizing the ones posted on The City of Crookston’s website. I like them because they also contain fire safety information.

“My Mom Is a Firefighter”

Personally, I like Lois G. Grambling’s book “My Mom Is a Firefighter” because of its storyline. It focuses on a little boy whose mother is a firefighter. Thus, it could also be used as part of lesson plans related to gender roles. I’d suggest pairing it with Laura Godwin’s book “This Is a Firefighter” and Kersten Hamilton’s book “Firefighters to the rescue.” All three books touch upon what a firefighter’s day is like. You may also want to consider utilizing the female firefighter coloring page posted on the Twisty Noodle website as a post story time activity.

“Firefighters in the Dark”

Dashka Slater’s “Firefighters in the Dark” is another book that I would recommend because of its storyline. It focuses on a child’s creative musing on what calls firefighters are likely answering on a particular evening. I thought that it was a refreshing read. I also liked how it spurred the kids to come up with their own scenarios. I’d recommend combining it with an art activity that allows the children to draw pictures of where they think the firefighters are headed.


Lastly, your children might also enjoy Mark Teague’s book “Firehouse!” Its storyline focuses on two fictional children that visit a firehouse and learn about what firefighters do. I’d suggest combining it with Janet Elizabeth Rickert’s book “Russ and the Firehouse (Day with Russ)” or Janet Nolan’s book “The Firehouse Light.” Personally, I think that they work well together. I especially like the inclusiveness of Rickert’s book and the fact that Nolan’s book is fact based.

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Source: Personal Experience

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