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Top 10 Pet and Animal YouTube Videos

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Looking for some funny pet and animal related videos on You Tube? Ok we all love our pets and often video our pets being cute, crazy, or just themselves. No one can resists a well made and funny pet or animal video!

Here are my top 10 favorite animal and pet Videos on You Tube.

10. Dolce Is Singing

This funny pet and animal video on You Tube is a cute little white dog that seems to love mimicking her owners. They start to howl and so does Dolce. I am not sure which is funnier, the owners or the cute howling dog. I like this video because it had my own cats waking up form their nap to find out what was making that noise!

9. Baby Duck Feeding the Carp

This sweet pet and animal video on You Tube made my top ten list because it is so darn sweet. A tiny baby duck fastidiously feeds a large group of brightly colored carp. Makes me want to go the park or the Zoo!

8. Grizzly Bear Versus Caribou

A mother bear versus a large and rather scary Caribou out in nature. The music on this pet and animal You Tube video is cheesy, but it is shot like a real nature documentary and looks great. It has a sad ending for one of them!

7. Mocha in “his First Broccoli”

Ok, I am to sure what the heck Mocha is, but he does not seem to be a rat. Anyway, this tiny fur ball loves his broccoli and has some super cute feet! The music is really annoying but Mocha steels the show.

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6.Charles has a Licking Problem

Small but compulsively licking dog. My favorite part, besides the compulsive air licking, is the sound effect and music from the maker of this video. The music is some Guy singing “Charles Has a licking problem, Lick, lick.”

5. Pet Tricks

Ok, so these pets are fake, but too funny! Great since of humor, but sort of long. Watch out for Hector. This funny video is shot like a documentary. Only watch this one if you really like an offbeat since of humor! I probably should have made this one number one.

4. Funny cats

This Funny Pets and Animal video is a You Tube Montage of many different hysterical cats. I love the kitties on the cactus. One cat somersaults down a hall and another hangs from a chandelier. Watch out for the ping pong kitty.

3.Hudson the Bernese Mountain dog Doing Some of Her Tricks

This Bernese Mountain Dog Hudson is too cute. I mean, this video really stands out amongst other funny pet and animal videos. If you love dogs you will over this video. I do not know why more people have not watched her sneezing, being shy, and bowing!

2. Cat Head Theater

This pet and animal You Tube video is Kitties doing Shakespeare, what more could you want? This is a cue video with talking cat heads. They are acting out Hamlet. Kids would like this one. Only watch this cat video on You Tube if you like Shakespeare.

1. Revenge of the Dancing Tiger

Ok, so the cat in this pets and animal video on You Tube is made of wood, but is still cute. I love this video, it has great music and an old timey happy summer day feeling. The lady playing the music is sweet and so retro!

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Enjoy and check out more from Rebecca at her Blog!