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Electronic Good Friday Greeting Card Sites to Use or Lose

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Bluemountain.com is quite often the first place I turn to when looking for electronic greeting cards. For Good Friday they have a very limited selection, only three to choose from and none of the offerings are available for free. The bad news is you must be a member to use the Good Friday greeting cards, the good news they are offering a one month free trial membership. My personal favorite is the animated three crosses and this verse, “And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.”– Luke 23:44-46 (KJV)

GoodFriday-Cards.com has quite a nice selection of Good Friday free electronic greeting card choices, for family, friends or inspirational. These greeting cards are more like electronic postcards. There is music in the background you can turn on or off, and you can send one Good Friday card to more than one person at a time – perfect with the busy season of Easter. My personal favorite is one which features scripture, Easter Lilies and a crucifix. One nice feature about this site is that if you like it you can share it with others through the use of sharing services from Google, Yahoo, delicious and Digg It. Bookmark it for your own future use as there are tons of electronic greetings to choose from for different holidays and seasons, even those around the world.

Deepestfeelings.com offers 12 electronic greeting cards to choose from, each one offers a little bit of a different look at the crucifixion. The greeting cards don’t have all the bells and whistles that other greeting card sites may have but the graphics and flash are quite nice. You can change the background, font, schedule a day to send your Good Friday greeting and preview it before the final send. It is a simple site but the greetings are unique, while many others seem to have similar if not the same Good Friday greeting cards, that is actually what is nice about it. And, it’s a free electronic greeting card site – just ignore the Google ads.

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GoodFridaycards.com offers 10 very artistic Good Friday free electronic greetings cards. One thing that makes this site stand out from the others is the “aura” contained in each of the greetings, the bright, white, light or glow which to my mind emphasis the purity of Good Friday and of God’s gift to us even through the sorrow – which is also displayed in remembrance on these greeting cards. However, the “funny” thing about this site is that once you choose a greeting card it takes you to 123greetings.com to once again choose your card (which now you have to look for instead of taking you directly to the one you chose in the first place). If you can get past that annoyance, you can find lovely, artistic, thoughtful Good Friday greeting cards to send to your friends and family. My personal favorite on this site is “Blessed Good Friday,” remembering God’s blessing on us in the form of his Son.

Other sites that I found Good Friday choices on were Dayspring.net, one of my favorite religious greeting card sites. While they don’t mark them at Good Friday- there are several under Easter and Witness category that would be perfect for Good Friday. My personal favorite was “Perfect Hope through Christ.” There is no music playing in the background on these greeting cards but they are very attractive. You can send to more than one person, add your own personal message and they are more like a card with several pages- not postcard in form.

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Crossdaily.com offers 13 Good Friday greeting cards, with flash, animation and music. These electronic greeting cards can be sent to more than one person, music can be on or off, however your card message is limited to 1000 characters, while other sites offer electronic cards where you can write as much as you want. You can change the font color and background with several colors to choose from. This is not simply an electronic greeting card site, but also offers devotionals, discussion forums, games and graphics. You may pay to join to use all the services available or you may simply send your free e-greeting card.

If you don’t like any of these choices, Catholicgreetings.org offers Lent and Easter greeting cards that could also be sent for Good Friday. Several are not specifically designed for either holiday. This site also offers greeting cards for many religious and non religious occasions and cards in Spanish.

101egreetings.com offers approximately 18 Good Friday free electronic greeting cards to choose from. One of my favorite things about these greeting cards is that abstract art used in the design. However, whenever I attempted to use this site to choose and send a greeting card the “server encountered an error” my suggestion is to avoid this site, although when you first visit it looks like it’s a good choice.

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