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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

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If you like easy crafts for kids, you will enjoy making these toilet paper roll animals. You will need empty toilet paper rolls to complete these crafts. If you don’t have any empty toilet paper rolls on hand, you can make your own roll by rolling up a piece of card stock or any light weight cardboard, such as a piece of cereal box. You can also cut an empty paper towel roll to size.

To complete these toilet paper roll crafts, you will also need some basic crafts supplies such as paste and paint. If you want some homemade recipes for these craft supplies, please see these articles: 3 Paste Recipes: Thin Paste, Paper Paste, Classroom Paste and Paint Recipes for Kids – Foamy Paint, Instant Finger Paint, Glossy Paint.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal #1 – Dog: This is a cute toilet paper roll dog that is very easy to make. You will need an empty toilet paper roll and the use of a printer to print out the template (the template includes a pattern for the cardboard roll if you want to make your own). You will also need basic craft supplies like scissors and something to color with like crayons or markers. To get the free instructions for the toilet paper roll dog click here.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal #2 – Lamb: This little toilet paper roll lamb is very cute. You might want to make a few of these and put them near your child’s bed so they can count sheep to help them fall asleep! This little lamb comes with a printable template that you can print in outline form (choose black and white template) or full color. If you print the outline, your child can color the lamb using colors of their choice. To get the free instructions for the toilet paper roll lamb click here.

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Toilet Paper Roll Animal #3 – Bunny: This pink toilet paper bunny is a great craft to make for Easter. You can use it to hold jelly beans or other Easter candy. Just put a sandwich bag in the top of the toilet paper roll and tuck it in, fill with Easter candy, then tie off the top of the sandwich bag using a bread tie or some curling ribbon. This toilet paper craft does not come with a printable template, so it’s a good one for kids who like to come up with their own designs. To get the free instructions for the toilet paper roll bunny click here.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal #4 – Frog: This green toilet paper frog is just as cute as can be! He comes with a printable template, so if you want to whip up a bunch of these frogs really quick, just print on green paper and you won’t have to spend time coloring the frog. These little frog would make really cute place cards for an outdoor party. Just tape them on to your tablecloth and let the frogs tell your guests where to sit for the picnic or barbecue! To get the free instructions for the toilet paper roll frog click here.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal #5 – Cat: This kitty cat comes with his own ball of yarn. He would be a nice cat to give as a gift to someone who loves to knit. This toilet paper roll cat comes with a printable template. Even though the cat’s tail is included on the template, you could always have your kids make up their own cat tail so each toilet paper roll cat can have a different look. There is another cat on this site that you can make. Just look for the link on the instruction page. To get the free instructions for the toilet paper roll cat click here.

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