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Three Homemade Father’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

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Toddlers are the perfect age to make homemade Father’s Day gifts. Dad will treasure these first homemade father’s day gifts and look back remembering when their child was toddler.

Here are a few ideas for homemade father’s day gifts from toddlers.

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers #1: Finger Paint Tie Box

Check out your local craft store for wood boxes that are pre made. Some of these will come with sections divided in them. These make awesome tie boxes. Toddlers may not be able to color in the lines, but they can do some awesome finger painting.

Lay out newspaper outside and lay the close box on top. Have 3 to 5 colors of acrylic paint ready for yoru toddler. They can dip their hands in the paint and go to town on the outside of the box.

Once any paint dries you can seal this with wood stain or a clear acrylic paint to protect their “handy” work. Dad will live this one for years to come and his ties will be so organized! By the way this works well for a jewelry box or watch box as well.

Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers #2: Crazy Tie

Ok, this one is for the Dad who loves their toddler enough to wear their art! Take the same idea as before for this one. You can buy a pre made plain white tie at the craft store or art store. They come in silk and cotton.

Buy fabric paints, silk paint is not a good idea for this one. The toddlers can dip their hands in the paint and have fun creating fun patterns on the. Try to choose colors you know Dad will wear since the pattern will probably be a little crazy!

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Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers #3: Photo Shoot Apron

Finally, most Dad’s love to cook and BBQ, so why not make them a fun apron featuring third toddler. You can do part f this one and the kids can finish it.

Take photos of your toddler, about 4 and print them on photo transfer paper Iron them on in a grid pattern on the front of the apron. Once they are cooed and dry you can let you toddler use paint pens or fabric paint and their hands to decorate the apron.

Encourage them to outline the pictures in frames and designs for a pulled together look that is still creative!