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Three Fun Frisbee Games to Play


Frisbee Keep Away
Number of Players: At least 6
Object of the Game: Keep the Frisbee away from the players that are “it.”
How To Play: You first need to set out boundaries for the game and you will need plenty of room for the game. Decide which players will be “it” first. You should choose at least 1/3 of the players to be “it” but no more than half of the players. The Frisbee is thrown from player to player, while trying to keep it away from the people who are “it.” If a player who is “it” catches the Frisbee, then the person who threw the Frisbee is now “it” and the person who caught it is no longer “it.” If the Frisbee goes out of bounds, then the person who threw it becomes “it.” The players who are “it” must retrieve the out of bounds Frisbee and whoever gets the Frisbee first, is no longer “it.”
This game can be played for as long as you wish.

Frisbee Goal
Number of Players : At least 2, and even teams work the best
Object of the Game: To score the most points by landing the Frisbee in your goal.
How to Play the Game: First, set out two designated areas that are to be goals for each team. The goals can be as large as you want or as small as you want. You can use rope or just to objects or a certain square on the sidewalk. Each team stands the same distance from their goal and you take turns throwing the Frisbee and trying to get it to land in your goal. This works best when you have at least two Frisbees, one for each team. Each time a team member lands the Frisbee in the goal area, they are awarded a point. The Frisbee must land at least 50% in the goal area to get a point. The team that reaches 15 points first wins.

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Statue Frisbee
Number of Players: 2 or teams of 2
Object of the Game: To see how far your partner and you can catch and throw a Frisbee without moving your feet at all.
How to Play the Game: Pair up into teams of 2 people. Stand directly across from your partner and have each team the same distance apart. You will need a Frisbee for each team of two you have. Throw the Frisbee to your partner and see if they can catch the Frisbee without moving their feet. If catch it without moving their feet, they throw it back to their partner. If that partner catches it without moving, then they both take a step back. If a person drops the Frisbee or has to move their feet, they are out of the game. After each successful round, each team must take a step back. Whoever lasts the longest in the game, wins.