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The Meaning of the Black Rose

The archetype of the black rose can mean so many things in our culture today. It can mean extreme hatred of a bygone lover or dark devotion to a current lover. Black roses are mysterious, erotic, and a traditional death symbol. The black rose in reality is just an extremely dark red rose that has become associated with tragedy.The black rose that is truly black only exists in art and fiction. A black colored rose cannot occur in nature.

The color black is almost universally associated with death and mourning. Real black roses with their dark and rare red color are occasionally used at funerals to emphasize mourning of the family and friends of the deceased. White roses represent chastity and youth and the dark roses represents age and mortality.

The real black rose or a dyed counterpart cans represent sadness over any occasion and is often mixed with more cheerful floral colors. Black roses are used to make a statement that the sender understands the sorrow the receiver is going through. They can also represent the regret or apology to the receiver of the dark colored rose from the sender.

Black roses also symbolize the end of something. It could be an end of a love affair, friendship, or career. One could send a black rose to a friend moving over seas that they believe see again . the bright flowers used at weddings symbolize a new start. The black rose symbolizes endings ;regardless if the is good or bad.

Black roses symbolize betrayal when sent to a cheating lover or factious ally. While a white or yellow rose can speak to the loyalty of the receiver or sender the dark rose represents the lack of trust and betrayal among two previously trusting parties.

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The black rose can also represent the opposite betrayal for political organizations and new lovers. The color represents the seriousness and depth of devotion of the individual to a cause or lover. The fact that a real black rose is impossible to grow may be the source of this symbolism. It represents expecting the impossible and taking devotion beyond the possible to a symbolic extreme.

Black roses are a general Gothic symbol representing the beautiful and unavoidable shadowy side of human life. It can represent the ironic relationship of love and hate, ecstasy and pain and all that is dark that makes us truly human. It speaks to each of our unknown dark side in almost erotic fashion.

Those involved in the organized leather community may use the black rose to symbolize the erotic nature of love and pain. The rose representing love in the traditional sense and the dark color representing the darker sexual arts involved in their sexual practice.

The dark rose will continue to represent the mysterious, morbid and erotic for many decades to come. Today sanding dark roses real or dyed to a lover or friend can be tricky . It may send mixed messages to the receiver . You might want to make the meaning clear by sending a note of explanation so the receiver really discerns the connotation you are delivering with the black rose.