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The Many Benefits of Moving to Colorado

Aspen Music Festival, Colorado

Gold fever in 1868 bought many people to Denver and other front range mining camps. The need for law and order became a priority when lawlessness prevailed. Many people lost their rights and property during this difficult time. Soon a territorial state government was established. Colorado became the 38th state of the union on August 1, 1876.

The name Colorado comes from a Spanish word which means “reddish colored.” The reddish coloring of the Colorado river and the red sandstone formations inspired the name of the state.

Colorado during its early years attracted a diversity of people. Pioneer families, and fur trappers all had different incentives to live in Colorado. A move or relocation to Colorado in this present day has many benefits.

The Climate

If you want to experience the 4 seasons to their fullest capacity, Colorado is the state that will grant your request. The state has an altitude of 4,800 feet above sea level. Denver is called “the mile high city.”

Summer can be hot and dry. What makes the summer in Colorado tolerable is the low humidity. A sudden summer thunderstorm can quickly cool and freshen the air.

Springtime in Colorado is chilly with large amounts of rain during the month of April. Sometimes the weather can warm up to 70 degrees.

Colorado winters are cold and harsh. Blizzards can suddenly appear and leave a large amount of snow. Despite the frigid temperature Colorado changes into a winter wonderland during the Christmas season.

Fall is a very lovely time of year. Aspen Colorado display of Aspen trees is breathtaking. Leaves of red, gold and yellow dominate the landscape. Sunlight filters through the tree branches causing leafy shadows to dance upon the ground.

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Housing in Colorado can range from lavish homes, apartments and townhouses. It depends on how much you want to spend and what your needs are. The price ranges vary depending on the neighborhood you decide to live in. Many Colorado neighborhoods offer bike paths, parks and other pleasant diversions. Moving to Colorado and choosing the right neighborhood can be easy. This web site provides a listing of various resources. http://realestate.aol.com/Colorado-neighborhood


Your relocation to Colorado will enhance your shopping experience. The state offers many stores and shopping malls to the consumer. Here is a partial list of the top malls in the state.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center www.parkmeadows.com
Town Center At Aurora www.auroramall.com
Park Meadows Shopping Center www.paarkmeadows.com
Southwest Plaza LLC www.southwestplaza.com
Larimer Square www.larimersquare.com

Colorado has a large amount of grocery stores to choose from. There are several Farmers Markets within the state that sell quality fruit and vegetables at a low price. One of the best farmers market is, Sunflower Farmers Market. It has locations in may areas in Colorado. Their web site can be found at: www.SFMarkets.com


Moving to Colorado opens the door of excitement while cheering for the state’s professional sport teams. Colorado plays host to the following teams:

The Denver Broncos – Football
The Denver Nuggets – Basketball
Colorado Rockies = Baseball

In summery the state of Colorado has so much to offer. Your move to Colorado will be a new and memorable adventure.