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The Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ – Review


Nothing beats the steaming stew of the city in the summertime like a jaunt to one of our regional shores. I guess I am getting a little milder in my old age, but the idea of a quiet night in a serene setting has gotten much more appealing. My partner and I took a little trip (just over an hour) to Avalon, NJ to check out the newly revamped Golden Inn-a secluded, romantic enclave a few blocks from lovely Stone Harbor and over seventy blocks from the semi-hectic bar world of “downtown” Avalon.

We checked in to our room and were greeted with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. Our room was plush and comfortable-not at all your typical shore haunt. Linens were plush and comfy, soaps by Bath & Body Works, and as clean as a hotel room can get. I’m the hotel snob in the family, and it certainly held up to my high standards.

We showered and headed down to the dining room for dinner. A relaxed, inviting atmosphere, we were greeted with a drink list to rival more posh places in the city. With an impressive wine selection and nine varieties of tequila, we really couldn’t have been more excited.
For starters, we ordered the grilled peach with duck ($9), a most refreshing appetizer that created the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Additionally, we ordered a fantastic Tortilla Soup with Chicken ($5) and the delightful creamy South Jersey Clam Chowder with Bacon ($4). Forget the calorie content, we’re on vacation!

Finished our first course, our main course arrived in no time. My man ordered the Day Boat Scallops (caught that day-yes, the same day!) with lobster mash and saffron cream sauce ($26). Huge pieces of lobster and a massive helping of scallops left him full and satisfied, declaring that the food at the Golden Inn “would satisfy the most discerning foodie.”

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I opted for the special-Chilean Sea Bass with clams, pepper mash and chorizo ($25). The flavors were perfectly complimentary and the portion perfect-not too little, not too much-clearly prepared by a chef who understands presentation and portion.

After our meal, we strolled out to the beach bar for frozen cocktails. Sitting among a varied group of folks, the vibe at the Golden Inn is such that is really welcoming to all walks of life. People really are here to relax, unwind and take in the beauty. This is the life.

The Golden Inn, $$, Oceanfront at 78th St, Avalon, NJ, 609-368-5155, goldeninn.comcom.