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For lovers of golf, the most satisfying investment you can make is to buy the finest golf equipment on the market. The time you spend on the course or getting lessons from golf pro will be completely justified if you have the best equipment, because you can trust the performance of the equipment, with the knowledge that the technique is up to you.

The brand name that keeps coming to the top is Callaway and according to some statistics, is the leading brand on the professional circuit. Callaway produces everything the golfer could need – clothing, golf balls, shoes, bags and other accessories – as well as having the leading edge with golf clubs.

Callaway used to be known for its signature driver, the Big Bertha, the first of the titanium clubs to transform the scene with its lighter weight allowing for more accuracy and speed. Newer technology has continually updated its production of fairway drivers with clubs such as the RAZR Hawk and the Diablo. The RAZR Hawk comes in many different options allowing the club to be tailored to the golfer’s individual needs. There is even a model with a special club face design that helps to eliminate slicing.

The Diablo Octane driver is popular with players who are shorter hitters, as it is lighter than the RAZR Hawk and gives increased ball speed, getting the ball closer to the green for a second shot. Callaway is renowned for its high quality overall, not just its drivers, as it produces top flight irons, wedges and putters as well. It makes equipment for all levels of player, juniors and seniors, male and female, from beginners to tour professionals.

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Followers of golf tournaments on TV can spot the Callaway clubs as the professionals play the famous courses of the world. In 2011 Fredrik Jacobsen played a winning series with Callaway equipment, using the Callaway Diablo Octane driver and his putter was the renowned Odyssey Black Series #1. His golf balls too were Callaway, the Tour option, which gives extra length off the tee as well as sensitivity on the greens.

Callaway can customize a set of golf clubs for the perfectionist or can offer deals in previously owned clubs. Footwear is an often overlooked essential item, and Callaway has a wide range of golf shoes with spikes for men and women and offer new deals all the time on their website. The latest special offer for example is a Women’s Callaway Solaire Petite 9-Piece Set priced from $599.00. This compares with the price for one Diablo Octane Tour Black Driver for $349.00, a reminder that quality has a price, but what serious golfer would wasn’t anything less.

Quality, professionalism, world wide experience – a golfer could ask for no more from a golf equipment manufacturer. And when the lure of the golf course is impossible to resist, a golfer’s first call should be to the Callaway pro shop, where the best advice comes with the best equipment and you will know you have the best chance to be on top of your game.

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