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“The Block” in Baltimore and Other Towns that Have a Similar Arrangement

Baltimore’s “block” is famous for being known as a place to go and see female entertainers take their clothes off. There are a large number of clubs, all in this central area. This makes it convenient for their customers. Many other cities have a similar area of town. These are quite often referred to as “red light districts”. Many guys view these areas as a great place to go and spend their money for the entertainment value of seeing nude or at least topless women. In the end though, quantity does not mean quality entertainers. If you go to these areas of town expecting too much you are destined to be disappointed.

In cities that have these areas set up, the first thing you will notice is that there is a rather large number of clubs offering the same type of entertainment. Some cities allow the entertainers to undress completely and others have limits on the nudity. Regardless, every club will have a guy outside their door working for them to promote the ladies inside. They will tell you that you can see any type of girls you want inside. From a recent trip to Baltimore let me just say that some of those clubs do have “different types” of girls, but you won’t necessarily want to see them all. My friends and I should have known when we asked the promoter is the entertainers were good looking, he responded “depends what type of girl you are looking for”. After going inside we quickly realized what he meant, the smallest of the entertainers was probably 300 lbs.

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Needless to say, that wasn’t what we were looking for as “eye candy”. The one good thing about these types of set-ups of a “block” or a “red-light district” is that most of the clubs will not charge a cover charge. This allows you to look before deciding if you will stay. Many of the promoters will laugh as you walk in and walk right out, so it’s clear they are used to this happening. Keep in mind though that with there being no cover charge you can expect to pay more for your drinks than at an average club. On “The block” in Baltimore an average can or bottle of beer will cost you anywhere from $6 to $10 depending on the club.

At most of these clubs the “stage” is removed from the bar slightly so you will not be close to the entertainers that are dancing. If you tip them while they are dancing you will have to throw your money onto the stage. Later after they are done though they will come around and let you give them tips. Quite often because of the competition (and sometimes the lower quality entertainment compared to clubs outside of this central area), the entertainers will be a little more permissive of where your hands wander when placing a tip. Keep in mind the majority of their money is made by getting you to agree to lap dances when they are done on stage.

Again at the bars in these areas the competition is very intense. This means if you get a lap dance from an entertainer here you are more likely to be able to “touch”, and that is up to the bar and the entertainer. Of course they also have to follow the laws of the city they do business in. If this is something you want to know about before getting a lap dance you can ask the entertainer how much touching she allows before you purchase your dance. You can also get a hint as to the answer to this by paying attention to how she interacts with you when asking for tips after the dance.

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In general, in these areas that have clusters of clubs a lot more interaction is permitted than at a larger club which is by itself in the city. Keep in mind though that the entertainers at these clubs are likely to use more high pressure methods to get you to pay the extra money for “extras”. Honestly, at least in Baltimore “The Block” is not the place to go that it once was. It’s not like it was in the 60’s and 70’s when well known national entertainers would visit the clubs to entertain. These days when they come to Baltimore there are fancier clubs they perform at. “The block” has become more of a tourist trap than anything else.