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The Best Sushi in Riverside County California: Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki

Riverside County, Sushi, Teriyaki

If you live in Riverside County or are just visiting, and looking for really good sushi, you have options, however I recommend Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki. There are several places that have some of the best sushi in Riverside County, but so far the top choice is Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki.

Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki seems to be the place where all the rave reviews come from as being the sushi spot serving the best sushi and sashimi in Riverside County. This particular area has a lot of growth, a lot of new construction, and the owner Travis Cho opening his restaurant in 2006, timed his opening at quite an opportune time. Since his presence in the area, Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki have been deemed the place to go for sushi.

Located at 6133 Magnolia Avenue in a strip center, Travis Cho, the owner and his staff go to great lengths to ensure customers not only enjoy their sushi experience, but their cultural experience at Oshii Sushi and Teriyaki.

The staff welcoming them in Japanese, and providing the best service possible for the duration of the visit greets customers. With three excellent sushi chefs on duty, service and variety are at a peak at all times. You will wait little time if any for food and service as this is one efficient staffs Cho has put together as part of his team at Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki.

The sushi at Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki is absolutely awesome. The fish is extremely fresh and is delivered daily, sauces are homemade, the variety of sushi is plentiful, and the presentation is truly a culinary delight. It’s obvious a lot of work has been put into the preparation of the food as well as the presentation. It’s obvious the team at Oishii enjoy what they are doing. Prices are also excellent. Though the service is definitely high end, the prices are not necessarily off the mark.

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You can enjoy a sushi experience for as little as $3.75 for a hand roll. If you are dining with family or friends and want to share the experience as a group, Cho recommends and is quite proud of the trademark Oishii Boat that accommodates up to four people. The Osishii Boat costs $49.50. Oishii Sushhi and Teriyaki also offers excellent salads, noodle dishes, and desserts.

Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki is a great place for the person new to sushi, as you can experIment with different dishes, without being out of a lot of money. If you are with a sushi connoisseur then he or she most likely can guide you. Not to worry, Cho and his staff gladly assist in helping the first timer order the right thing so that the first time sushi experience is a good one. So, whether you are visiting, or local, and looking for the best sushi in Riverside County Oishii Sushi and Teriyaki is the place to go.