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The 5 Best Jeans for Tall Women

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Women come in all body types but the tall woman faces her own set of problems when shopping for jeans. Many tall women are not model thin and some don’t have extremely long legs. Many women fall in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to being tall. They are a combination of tall and curvy. These women are faced with their own set of dilemmas when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans that are comfortable and look good.

Here are five top brands that are ideal for the tall average woman looking for comfort and a nice fit.

1) Levi’s Mid Rise Straight 552 Jeans

These are a perfect middle the road type of jeans. They do not cater to the tall skinny model body but are perfect for the real woman who is tall with curves. They are not extremely low cut so they ride a nice hip well. When you bend over you will not have to worry about any gaps that might materialize as your butt pokes out further. They have a nice clean straight leg that looks fabulous on a tall woman.

The average price of these jeans is around $60

They can be purchased straight from the Levi on line store.

2) Levi’s Mid Rise Boot 553

This jean is perfect for the tall woman with curves. It is not a low rise jean so it offers plenty of coverage when it comes to the hips and tummy area. The legs are straight and nicely cut. They can make legs look longer which many tall women who are not blessed with long legs enjoy the look this bestows upon them. Just because you are tall does not mean that your legs are extremely long. Many tall women want the illusion of more leg verses less body if they are not blessed with long legs.

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These jeans cost around $60-$70 per pair.

3) Old Navy’s Sweetheart Jeans

If you want a pair of jeans that are not low riding but sit right at your waste then these are the jeans for you. The Sweetheart jeans ride right at your waste which give the illusion of a shorter torso which many tall women like. There is also more room in the thigh and hip region of these jeans so if you are tall and full figured they fit wonderfully. They will hug all your curves and accentuate your length. The perfect jeans for a tall curvy woman.

The average price of these jeans range from $15-$35 per pair.

4) Gaps Curvy Jeans For Tall Women

Gap has designed these jeans specifically for tall curvy women. They are the best jeans available if this is your body type. The offer more room in the hip, thigh, and butt then other jeans and they are for tall women. So if you are all curves and height these jeans will be your best choice to give your body an amazing appearance.
The waistband rides higher so it gives your waste a lovely hourglass look which accents a tall curvy woman nicely.

These jeans retail for around $60.

5) Gap’s Wide Leg Trouser Jeans

Some women are tall with wide legs. This can be a hard combination to find a fit for but Gap is offering a wonderful pair of jeans just for this problem. Their Wide Leg Trouser pants give you more room in the hip, legs, and waist so it can fit a much fuller figure comfortably but still cater to a tall woman.

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These jeans retail for around $60 per pair.

No matter what your body type, shopping for jeans is never easy but for the tall curvy women it presents its own set of problems. These five top jeans will fit virtually any taste, though. They offer comfort and great looks at reasonable prices. They are made specifically to cater to the tall woman with curves.