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Ten Great Gifts for Otaku Boys

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If you’re looking for a great gift for that special Otaku boy who loves Anime, there are a variety of cool items out there, perfect for the holidays. But to know exactly what to buy, it might be a good idea to know a little bit about Anime and what the recipient actually enjoys. Anime is a vast world involving thousands of characters and animation styles. What is Anime? Before you head to the comic shop or cruise online anime stores, there is a lot to know. First and foremost, in America, Anime is a term used to describe all forms of Japanese animation or cartoons. In Japan, the term Anime means all forms of animation no matter where it originates, and Otaku? Well, that is a basic term that fanboys and fangirls are called because of their obsession. It means “nerd” or “obsessive.”

Anime has been around since the 1960’s, but it didn’t really develop a Western fanbase until the 80’s with children’s shows like G-Force, Voltron, Gundam, and Macross. The Manga format, typically considered to be the comic or graphic novel form of Anime, has a very specific following, and Hentai and Ecchi, the adult forms of Anime, customarily involves graphic violence and sexual situations. The key to purchasing a gift for an anime fan is to pay attention to the style of Anime that Otaku likes. Just buying a Pokemon lighter, for example, might be an example of an Anime purchase, but it won’t necessarily be a type of anime that the recipient enjoys and therefore a definite miss.

Animerica T-Shirts are gifts in good taste for most Anime fans. Animerica is one of the most popular magazines out there to discuss the Anime subculture. This free magazine is often the best source for anime news and reviews, contests and fan content. Animerica Magazine is free at most Borders and Waldenbooks bookstores. Animerica is one of the best places to find out information on conventions and art festivals.

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How to draw Anime Books like those available at Manga University (http://www.howtodrawmanga.com) help anime fans learn the techniques artists use to create exciting and beloved characters. Be sure to package any “learn to draw” books with a set of quality pencils and a sketchbook for practice. At Manga University you can also find excellent Japanese language training books that brag that “Real Otaku can Read Japanese”.

Passes to Anime Conventions are the golden gift for many guy Otaku. Whether it’s Oni-Con in Houston that has his interest or Metrocon in Florida, convention passes are an ultimate gesture. While attending one of the many annual conventions throughout the world fans can meet artists, voice actors, participate in cosplay activities, and hang out with other Otaku.

Anime Corner Store gift certificates are a great way for Otaku to select their own anime-themed gifts. Anime merchandise like DVDs, books, models, toys, clothing, production cels, soundtracks, and even Hentai are available on the Anime Corner Store Site, which welcomes most forms of major credit cards. Anime Fans can even buy special imports and hard to find items. If the Anime fan wants to know what Pocky tastes like, they can buy the imported snacks directly from Anime Corner Store for a delicious addition to an afternoon of Anime movie watching.

WFAC Passes for 2007 (Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema in Canada) are an expression of admiration, but you may just need to arrange for the event and wait until the online ticket office opens. This festival is an amazing celebration of the world of Anime, featuring the best in Japanimation feature films. The festival has quite a following, as many regard it to be a growing venue for celebrating the incredible world of animated cinema.

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An autographed comic or lithograph from a favorite artist is another way to tell an anime fan that you’re thinking about them this holiday. Whether they are into Sailor moon or prefer Broken Saints, finding work by their favorite artist might be challenging but fun. Any Otaku would be proud to display the treasure of signed memorabilia.

Newtype Magazine is very expensive at just under $90 a year, but the subscription provides for an entire year of Anime information for your favorite Anime fan, and every issue includes a free DVD. Fan art, anime news, reviews, and special columns make Newtype the top Anime Magazine for fans. Newtype’s website is a companion to the print magazine, complete with blogs and subscriber and visitor extras.

An Anime model kit is not the same thing as your average punch and glue corvet. Anime model kit subjects can be anything from heroes and heroines to Mech (robot) figures and ships.

From gashapon capsule toys to action figures, one of the most amusing anime items has to be the toys. Plush cactuars, Tenchi Muyo keyrings, and Sailor Moon dolls are just some of the Anime toys available.

Anime Soundtrack CDs are excellent gifts. You can find out a lot of information about the background music for Anime films by checking out fukikomo, a fansite at http://legilimens.org/fukikomu/. Fukikomo is Japanese for laying down a media recording (music, video, etc.)

Whether you give the gift of art, reading, or music to your favorite Otaku guy, the world of Anime is quite an obsession that provides plenty of perfect holiday ideas. Of course, one might choose a safe gift like a box of cheese, but to the Anime fan, that just wouldn’t be as exciting as a gift that recognizes their favorite obsession. Happy Holidays.

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