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Visit the Castles of Bavaria’s King Ludwig II

Castles are common in Europe. Over the centuries, rulers across the continent sought to display their wealth and power by constructing great works of architectural splendor. Many castles began their lives as defensive fortifications, keeping the rulers safe from attack. Over the centuries, as the instruments of war evolved, castles became less reliable to fend ...

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How to Navigate the French RER

The purpose of this article is to explain how to use the French Réseau Express Régional (“Regional Express Network”), or RER. If you’re looking for a general article on how to get around Paris using public transport, be sure to check out “How to Use the Parisian Metro”. Unlike the metro which has a majority ...

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The Top Bakeries in Greenwich, Connecticut

The affluent New England town of Greenwich, Connecticut is home to several top rate bakeries. These establishments regularly bake and serve from scratch pies, cookies, tarts, cakes, breads, rolls, cupcakes and much more. Some of these top bakeries feature sit down dining, with full menus offered, while others are retail stores only. Presented here, in ...