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Karla News

8 Cool Accessories to Pimp Your Closet

Custom closets are about more than just hanging and shelf space. If you want to truly customize your space and make it an organizational dream, there are a few accessories you won’t want to forget. Your design consultant should be prepared to offer you the latest and most popular closet accessories to suit your needs. ...

Karla News

Hotel Review: IP Biloxi Resort & Spa

Recently, I had the opportunity to return to my home town of Biloxi, MS. I used this as a chance to stay at couple of the larger post Hurricane Katrina renovated casino hotels. Unlike many other cities on the Gulf Coast, Biloxi is completely back at its best with a healthy group of both adult ...

Karla News

Top 5 Charging Stations for Smartphones

People like charging their smartphones in the best looking way possible, which explains why charging stations are so popular these days. Still, they do look good, usually provide charging for any device, and they can charge multiple devices at once. Who can complain about that? These charging stations range in price from a few dollars ...