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New York Driving Laws

California, New York, and Florida have the highest number of licensed drivers in the nation, while New York sits comfortably at number 4 on the list. So how does one of the nation’s highest populations keep the number of driver’s on the road so low? For starters, New York has an excellent public transportation system. ...

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Texting While Driving Commercial Controversial

A public service announcement, now airing on TV in Great Britain, demonstrating the dangers of texting while driving, is creating some controversy because of its graphic nature. YouTube has flagged the video as unsuitable for people under 18. The texting while driving commercial shows three young women driving down a British highway. The driver is ...

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Why You Shouldn’t Text While You Drive

Texting while driving has become a big issue in recent years. Most cellphones have texting features now, and people have become addicted to it. It’s an unsafe behavior while you drive. Here is a several reasons why you shouldn’t text while driving. Texting while driving is a big safety risk for yourself and other drivers. ...