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Budget Hotels Near O’Hare Airport in Chicago

Some of the hotels near O’Hare are as grand in scale as the busy airport itself. But not everyone wants to shell out $200 to $300 a night for a room at the O’Hare Hilton, Hyatt, or Westin. For those travelers on a budget whose business or leisure requires an airport-area stay, here are some ...

Karla News

How to Shoot and Develop Super 8 Film

In today’s digital age, videos can be shot and put online from something as small as a cell phone, but many film classes and film enthusiasts still support the use of Super 8 film. Super 8 film is hard to find and a camera may be harder, but the results can look pretty impressive. With ...

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Super 8 mm Movie Projector & Film Buyer’s Guide

Projectors designed for viewing Super 8 film allow you to watch movies recorded in Super 8 cameras, as well as vintage commercial films which were sold in this format. Here are some details on features to look for when purchasing a projector of this type, as well as information on vintage films available for them… ...