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Karla News

Build Model Airplanes with Your Kids

Long before the Wright Brothers made their famous flight at Kitty Hawk, people were fascinated by the idea of flying through the air. Although model airplanes as we know them are a rather recent development, kids through the centuries have used different materials to make and fly their own versions of flying machines. As a ...

Karla News

Summer Vacation Fun Tips for Kids

Are your kids acting bored this summer? Here are some creative ideas to helping your kids beat summer boredom and have a great vacation! 1) Plan a summer sleepover! Your kids will enjoy the planning process of creating a great summer sleepover. 2) Make Chalk Spray! Collect the Supplies. You will need: a spray bottle, ...

Karla News

Top Ten Summer Boredom Busting Activities for Kids

“Mommy, I’m bored…there’s nothing fun to do…” Sound familiar? If you are a parent of young kids, I would bet that you have heard this before. Especially during the summertime–sure, for the first couple of weeks after school ends, summer break is exciting to kids. They are thrilled to be home all the time and ...