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Boxer Profile: John L Sullivan

The Boston Strong Boy as John Lawrence Sullivan was known was one of boxing’s first personalities and is highly accepted as the first “World Champion”. He was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on October 15th 1858 and by the late 1870’s he had gained some renown as being rather good with his fists. In fact so ...

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Downtown Naperville Restaurants

Downtown Naperville restaurants offer an interesting and varied choice of venue for potential consumers. Located about 30 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, Naperville, Illinois is a center of dining and shopping of the Chicago suburbs. There are many downtown Naperville restaurants to choose from. A brief review of my favorite downtown Naperville restaurants is covered ...

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In Fundraising, PBS Uses Ed Sullivan Rock Classics to Appeal to Baby Boomers

PBS seems to be in a permanent state of fundraising. One positive byproduct of this is public television does help us remember our history and heritage. For example, PBS has recently been showing clips from “Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics” as an instrument of its fundraising efforts. Sullivan was rewarded handsomely for tapping into ...