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A Brief History of Darfur, Sudan

Darfur is a region in Sudan, which is located in mideastern Africa. This region is currently the setting for widespread famine and death. These tragedies have been brought on by conflicts between rebels and the Sudanese government, in conjunction with the infamous Janjaweed militia. Darfur has been brought to the world’s attention because of these ...

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The Causes of the Darfur Genocide

Three days ago, Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, president of Sudan, was charged with the the horrifying crime of genocide, by the International Criminal Court. The problem with this, is that either no one really cares, or the global community is so stuck in its own problems, that it does not have the capacity to enforce ...

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Biography of Omar Al-Bashir – President of Sudan

Omar al-Bashir is the current president of the African country of Sudan. He has been the president through the end of the Sudanese civil war and the entirety of the Darfur conflict. Omar al-Bashir is suspected of precipitating war crimes in Darfur, Sudan, including genocide. Omar al-Bashir was born on January 1, 1944 in Sudan. ...