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Karla News

Instant Beauty Pageant: A New Reality Show on the Style Network

“Oh, no. Not another reality show.” I think that’s become a lot of people’s first reaction when they hear about a new reality show. Then, when they hear the premise of the reality show, there’s a lot of eye rolling and head-shaking. That was my reaction when I heard about Instant Beauty Pageant. But I ...

Karla News

Interview: Alexa Prisco Talks Glam Fairy

Some people become so involved in their work and finding success in their career that often times, they push personal relationships aside so they won’t put their job in danger. Business owner Alexa Prisco, who runs her own make-up, hair and styling business in Hoboken, New Jersey, the Glam Factory, was so involved in her ...

Karla News

Interview: Bon Blossman Talks Big Rich Texas

While Texas is known for its southern hospitality and residents warmly embracing their neighbors and newcomers alike, the Style Network reality show ‘Big Rich Texas’ is showing the real drama between Texan women from the Woodhaven Country Club. Returning for a third season on Sunday, October 7 at 8/7c, the dynamics between the cast members ...