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Karla News

Top Songs of the ’70s (Volume 2)

I have collected my share of music over the ears. For 24, I have a reasonably open mind as far as the different types of music I like to listen to. I have my reasons, methods, and favorites. But let me tell you how it all started. If you stay up late watching the tube, ...

Karla News

Top Ten Songs by the Steve Miller Band

I have been a big fan of The Steve Miller Band for a long time. My favorite song, as with many SMB fans, is The Joker. But, I love pretty much everything they’ve done. I just like their sound. Below are the ten songs I like the best by The Steve Miller Band. Along with ...

Karla News

Top Ten Songs About Islands

Come on, sing it with me: island girl/living in a somethin’ somethin’ world/island girl…I have got to figure out those middle lyrics. That song was stuck in my head when I went to bed, and it was there when I woke up. I figure it’s a sign that not only should I learn those middle ...