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Top 20 Marvin Gaye Hits

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. was born in Washington, D.C. in 1939. He started singing at the age of five in his father’s Apostolic church. In his teens, Marvin was already playing piano and drums and he discovered “do-wop” music. He joined several groups, including the Dippers and The Tones. After a brief stint in the ...

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The Top 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Love Songs of All Time!

For all of those who believe that Hip-Hop is crude and rude with no heart or respect towards the ladies, this list is for you! In honor of Valentine’s Day that recently passed, this list will highlight 10 of the greatest love songs in Hip-Hop History. Can you name your top 10 Hip-Hop love songs, ...

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The Most Famous Motown Songs

Motown has influenced music in an unprecedented way. The insightful leadership of Berry Gordy Jr. and the enormous talent of a remarkable group of African-American artists led to a barrage of smash hits that reached a broad audience and remained popular in the course of time. One of the most famous Motown hits is ‘Where ...