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Karla News

Top Ten Modern Rock Songs of the 1990’s

The decade of the 1990’s brought about a whole new dimension into rock music. Big hair bands such as Poison, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, and Skid Row dominated the rock airwaves in the 1980’s. But every era of rock music must come to a conclusion. In the early 1990’s, a steady flow of rock ...

Karla News

The History of Punk Rock Music

Punk Rock music is an anti-establishment music movement that began around 1974-1975. It can also be used to describe subsequent music scenes that share key characteristics with those first-generation “punks.” It is often applied loosely to mean any band with “attitude” or “youthful aggression.” Punk Rock is sometimes applied to the fashions or the irreverent ...

Karla News

Best Background Music for Writers

Many writers like to work while listening to wordless background music. They need tunes that will keep them awake but not distracted. To help them, I compiled this list of instrumental rock bands that play music neither as sleep-inducing as New Age nor as busy as most jazz or some post-rock bands that often come ...