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Karla News

Offbeat Things to Do in Seattle

Nearly everyone who visits Seattle takes a trip up the Space Needle, but if you travel to a different drumbeat the city has plenty to keep you occupied and entertained away from the tourist crowds. From tours and recreation to shopping and dining, you’re sure to find something interesting. Seattle Sub Tour The Seattle Sub ...

Karla News

Ghost Tours in Seattle, Washington

If you’re visiting Seattle and you’re looking for a tour of a different sort, consider taking one of Seattle’s Ghost Tours. These tours immerse visitors with some of the darker bits of the city’s history and bring to life the struggle and turmoil that many past residents have gone through to make the city what ...

Karla News

Tips for Planning a Vacation in Washington State

The state of Washington can be a great place to enjoy a vacation. This state contains a great combination of city sights and rural settings. There are beautiful Pacific beaches, deep, dense forests, active volcanoes, arroyo deserts and a lively exciting city, all within Washington’s borders. Whether you are a lover of nature or a ...